Friday, December 23, 2005

Progress just keeps on progressing

“Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things” : Robert A. Heinlein.

It is interesting to reflect on Heinlein's theory (one of many among his SF writings), and perhaps apply it to running.

When I think back to 1979, which historians generally agree as being the real start of my running caper, I remember none-too-fondly the clothing and equipment which accompanied me. In short : Bonds cotton t-shirt, stubbies, Dunlop Volleys. Full stop.
Arriving at unconnected intervals over the years have been :
decent running shoes (starting with Brooks and New Balance), sports watches, caps, sunglasses and now the era of Coolmax clothing, coolrunning cap, Bodyglide and plenty of sunscreen.
Easier ? Sure. Lazy ? Debatable. Certainly assisting in the greater shelf life of the BB body (at times I am tempted to compose an Ode To Bodyglide on behalf of my formerly-chapped areas).

Today's update

Taking the good advice of one B Disraeli, who said :
"The secret of success is CONSISTENCY of purpose"
and thereby thumbing my literary nose at O Wilde, who merely ran into much trouble :
"CONSISTENCY is the last refuge of the unimaginative"

I once again headed out the door at 6am, this time for 8km through previously mentioned streets, although not the Mean Streets often postulated by R Chandler. I was encouraged to emerge from my supine position on the matrimonial bed by the arresting sound of the weekly garbage collection, suitably early to permit Clean Streets prior to Christmas.
Nowadays, I tend to manage/average 5 min k's, so the 40 minutes tends to provide ample time for setting the day up well. Or well enough. I attempt to focus on imminent work issues, which - as we know - the endorphines help to clearly clarify. Most often I tend to focus on more immediate concerns, such as

Did I remember the aerogard?
Should I say hello to that regular exerciser ?
How steep is this stupid hill anyway ?

This afternoon it's off to the local gym for an hour's weights session, followed by dinner with friends and an analysis of several chardies. Tomorrow morning looks like a 10k run through the newly-created roads in our suburb - not yet sealed, so an illusion of bush running, with only trees, birds and flies for company.

2. books
Nearly done with the Wishart - approaching the denouement, so a brief time for reflection then on to the next novel (8 currently in the BB to-read library).

"Exit, stage left"


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