Monday, December 26, 2005

Brown John Virgin

A mondegreen is, essentially, a misheard lyric. The term’s origin can be understood better at this excellent site, which contains some fine examples :

As Christmas day drew to a close, I was reminded of my own earliest mondegreen, when singing Silent Night. I often wondered what formed this virgin triumvirate:
Brown John Virgin, Mother, and Child. Years later, the mystery was solved, while studying German at school and translating Stille Nacht.

Yesterday provided the much needed excuse to studiously avoid complex dietary and exercise regimes; an early start beckoned, but no run was involved. Instead, youngest daughter (YD) emulated The Furies while rapidly determining Santa’s location of presents and actual suitability of said gifts. All passed muster.
Later in the morning, eldest daughter (ED) and son (S) joined us for BBQ lunch, swim, and viewing of Madagascar DVD. Suitable gifts were, thankfully, provided all round, and an atmosphere of cheer prevailed.
“Ca Plane Pour Moi” as that wily Belgian, Plastic Bertrand, wryly observed for us in 1978.

An observation on Public Holidays: it is interesting to understand how Public Holidays underwent the transformation from Holy Days (religious observance) to Holidays (secular), probably gradually phasing in during the earlyish part of the 20th century. I have no problem with either understanding how this process occurred, or its outcome. Nor do I have a problem opposing John Howard and his A Team in their quest to return to the enlightened conditions of the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution (we just don’t have the canaries for all those mines, and I feel today’s youth woefully underprepared for solid 16 hour days in mind-numbing factory work. I blame us parents).
My problem arises in 2005. I have no idea what today is. When viewing the TV guide, a swift glance confirms that, yes, there is a test match starting at the MCG, and the Sydney to Hobart race commences too. Logically, it’s Boxing Day, December 26th. Time to leave the boxed gifts for the poor, as per original custom. All is as it should be. But no!
Today is – apparently – the Christmas Day public holiday, and tomorrow is the Boxing Day holiday. Either that, or today is Boxing Day, and Tuesday 27th is the Christmas Day public holiday. I’m afraid I’ll need deeper understanding of the international dateline, political conniving and time travel to work this one out. Happy to have the day off work to spend at home; I’d just like to know what day it is !

1. running
today's 10k effort was essentially the same course as previous, just a smidge more swiftly completed in 52 min, and pulse back to normal weather 160/100. The weather wasn't as bad as forecast : 22 and warm at 8.30 am, with not even the Company Of Strangers for company. Perhaps I'd be better off taking note of George Carlin's weather forecast.
"Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning."
After more swimming and further readings of Alice In Wonderland with YD, the gym beckoned later today for a 50 min weights workout. The Swung-around Cat was in no danger of contacting others there today.

2. reading
Still engrossed in the Akunin novel.

3. music
I must admit the variety of music over the past little while has been limited; a casual perusal of the CDs would indicate some sort of unhealthy fetish with snow, trees and general jollity.

May I humbly suggest that, in Australia, this is always the best time of any year? Holidays, family, sun, presents, food, drink, swimming (and of course running early in the day!).

"The only thing bad about a holiday is, it is followed by a non-holiday."


  • At 8:00 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    Is this a gigantic mondegreen or just a bad translation of Ca Plane pour Moi?

    If not then you had one hell of a Xmas day.

    Up till now I have never ever considered what he was singing about. To busy pogoing. Must go and find the 45rpm single I have of it stored away somewhere.


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