Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Marianne Moore baseball fan but no runner

"Which of us has not been stunned by the beauty of an animal's skin or its flexibility in motion?" - Marianne Moore

Marianne was a Pulitzer Prize-winning Modernist American poet of the early-mid 20th century; a huge baseball fan, she apparently spent very little time running with dogs.

1. running
Yesterday's run took me through uncharted territory, along newly-sealed roads near Fyfe Rd. About 1/2 way in, two large black dogs joined me, full of joie de vivre, and keen to do some group training. I attempted to dissuade them, but am no Dr Doolittle - I don't speak dog. Setting a swift pace in an attempt to build an unassailable lead, I merely encouraged them to do intervals; another km into the run, they were joined by two more dogs, who seemed intent on rapidly slowing my training partners' pace via an on-road intercept. Not wishing to get caught up in the melee, I showed a remarkable turn of speed over 750m, and successfully continued solo.
Running once again at 8.30am, this became a LSR of 12k. A leisurely day followed, involving more pool fun with YD and S.

Having sturdily volunteered to man the company offices over the Christmas period (public hols excluded), I was rudely awakened today at 5.30am by the radio, and headed out 5.50am for a 10k easy trot around the Clean Streets. Scorecard : 1 lady and poodle, 1 jogger, 12 cars. A curious start to the day, weather-wise : being greeted with fog is a little unsettling, although often a portend of hot weather (35 degrees forecast for today).

Observant readers of this blog will notice an increase in km range from that stated previously as average (8k-10k), with more common distances of 10k and now 12k. This has been a deliberate attempt to negate the unhelpful aspects of Christmas. Three more runs and a gym session await me before 2005 draws its veil in a timely fashion.

No updates today on the books and music front.

To conclude, it is fascinating to think how much cumulative energy is expended in the 7am Door Rush of the post-Christmas retail therapy workout. I doubt CRs would be advantaged by interval training; colleagues confess what is most admired is dedicated hours spent mastering the Jostler 1000. That and the complete absence of manners.

"Exit, stage left"


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