Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bling! Bling! Hello? Who is it?

It's me, the proud owner of my first ever running medallion.

Today was St Mary's South 8k Fun Run.

This is a terrific community event. I say a bit more about it here.

For me personally, I was really happy with my race, even though it turns out I ran faster in 2007; back then I had the speedy Thalia pushing me hard through to a quick finish. Today I went out solidly and kept increasing my speed, dropping off runners along the way. I like to go out at a comfortable pace, then pass others rather than them me. It worked: no-one went past me after 500m and I targeted about twelve runners to catch.

My time of 37:43 got me 3rd place in 50-59 group, an engraved medallion and a photo up on the podium. How cool is that?

It really is a great event to get to: $10 entry with stacks of benefits.

It was great to catch up with regular CR's KatierR, slowmc, BeesKnees and meet Lotsahare, Bert, greyhoundracer and Freezer.

I hope they post the photos soon...

"exit, stage left"


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