Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh January, don't go, don't go

Well well well. I am pretty pleased with my running, statistically speaking.
January 2010 saw 270k, which is a new record for January and the most k's run in a month since August 2008. It must be my Brooks shoes.

Additionally I managed a 15k run yesterday, which was my longest single run since early October 2009: the famous one on holidays to Mooloolaba which generated much discussion on CR about non-friendliness of Mooloolaba runners.

I managed 15k on Friday too, but that was split into two runs: an easy 10k in the morning, and the CR Twilight #11 Doonside 5k in 26:00 min. Weather then was about 14 degrees cooler than last year's run. A nice relaxing run, with even split of the 16-strong group into 5k and 10k. saw Tesso, Johnny Dark, Eagle, Joestat (well I hope so, I gave him a lift), KatieR, Colin & Yolanda, Emjay, Cazzy1; ran the return leg with runhard, marvelled at (winner) Daniel's sharp haircut, and laughed heartily at HillsAths1's 55min 10k prediction. He managed 47:27. Maybe he lifted his legs more.

So one more CR Twilight for me: the Bay Run Reverse on 26/02. Before then, I should be doing a couple more races, such as the Girraween Athletics Club's 3k pre-West Met series in Feb. Then late March, West Met starts. Can't wait.

Good weekend with BB snr visiting: family BBQ, a couple of quiet, reflective drinks and a little bit of shopping. Nice photos of me, Mrs BB, YD, Son, BB snr, and the returned travellers: ED and her boyfriend, a nice guy. You'll notice a couple of staged smiles - all in good fun.

This afternoon's entertainment was a family viewing of "G Force". Recommended for families with youngish kids.

Holidays are over. Back to work tomorrow. Holidays get you to look at things in perspective more, when you aren't caught up in the minutiae of work pressure. What is really important in life?

Bertrand Russell got it right:
If I were a medical man, I should prescribe a holiday to any patient who considered his work important.

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 10:31 pm, Blogger Andrew(ajh) said…

    270k is pretty impressive. I managed about 70k.

    Hope work is not too tiresome!


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