Friday, December 30, 2005

Noel Coward on the money - again

Last night, on a whim, we watched Midsomer Murders. Now, this show has been all over the place : later series on ABC (now up to series 9), earlier ones on channel 9. Thursday's was an earlier one, from series 4 in 2000. I like John Nettles (remember Bergerac ?), and Jane Wymark (Poldark) provides sterling support as his patient wife, but it's a little like the Rabbitohs - tantalizing but never really delivering.
Additionally, it finished at 10.40pm, so a late night in front of the teev made me agree with Noel when he said

"Time has convinced me of one thing : television is for appearing on - not for looking at."
Today, therefore was one of those training sessions where the best part is the warm down. 8k at an easy pace, looking forward to a final hitout tomorrow, before 2006 appears with good intent.
Yesterday was a 9k medium-paced run. 'Nuff said.
The leitmotif running through recent training sessions has been humidity. You know that summer is here when your insect repellent lasts 10 minutes due to high levels of sweat removing it.

Jonathan Carroll (US fantasy fiction writer) wanted to know
"where do flies go?"
Well Jonathan, I can safely say they head straight to the nearest runner, preferably SMSing their friends to join the party.

2. music
While manfully slaving away at work today, I sped up the process by slipping "Brother Where You Bound" (Supertramp 1985) into the Notebook. Some great tracks by Rick Davies here, although clearly missing Roger Hodgson (perhaps if only to correct the grammar). "Cannonball" is an old favourite, and harkens back to the 1974 "Crime Of The Century" album, notably tracks like "Rudy" and "Asylum". BTW, Roger Hodgson has done some great stuff since 1983 !

3. books
Well, Abbeys has to be just about the best bookshop going around in Australia. That's PHYSICAL bookshop - bricks and mortar. Just when I'm getting through the Akunin novel, chuckling and learning simultaneously, and considering what's next - bang !
The New Releases brochure arrived in the mailbox, along with their Suggested Reads catalogue. Teasing and taunting, this offers the unwary some swift and delightful ways to spend cash. A brief glance confirmed a few non-fiction history books may be patiently waiting in the wings for me.
Have a look yourself (disclaimer : I have absolutely no pecuniary interest in Abbeys whatsoever). Or phone and ask for Peter.

And since I'm in the mood for free historical mystery bookshop plugging, if you're in Brisbane, just call into

Pulp Fiction Shop 28 Anzac Square Arcade, 267 Edward St Phone: 3236 2750
Ron and the gang are very helpful (no website, just email

"Exit, stage left"


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