Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new air

"One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things" ~John Burroughs

Burroughs was a 19th century American naturalist and writer, who produced some outstanding essays at a time when industrialism was starting to dominate the landscape.

I would be interested to understand how John would have risen above a little thing like his air conditioning collapsing on NYE at 9pm in 40 degree C heat.

Having planned a relaxing evening of family Thai meal offsite, followed by TV fireworks, it was disconcerting to discern a steady "drip drip" during the Elton John concern which preceded said fireworks. Initially thinking his percussionist was out of beat, I subsequently discovered that the drip tray in the a/c unit "en-roof" had a small hole at the lowest point of gravity. This then proceeded, inexorably, to the particle board and down through the pantry lightswitch. Fascinatingly, turning the switch ON resulted in all power going OFF.
An impromptu visit to the neighbours resulted in araldite being applied At Source ie "en-roof". Sadly, this procedure could only occur when the area was dry. Several towels and 45 min later, we proceeded. I had fortuitously managed to sweat off 5kg during the process, so all was not in vain. What was in vain, though, was the a/c, as we had to leave it off for the darned araldite to take effect. So, a hot, sleepless night... Luckily, today's performance by the trusty a/c was acceptable; lucky, given that Jan 01, 2006 was officially the hottest NY day on record for Sydney : 44 degrees. No running (serendipity).

Today being new year's day, I thought it might be an opportune time to review last year's running performance: 301 runs, total 2,647k, averaging 221k per month, and 8.8k per run. Not up to the 2004 record of 3,189k but I had planned to do less in 2005 and so avoid more spontaneous trips to the chiro/physio. With reasonable success.
I finished off 2005 with a 15k run through Parklea and Quakers Hill.

Someone may find perverse humour in the fact that I decided on the long run (equal longest for year) simply to check out a car for my ED which was part of the road-side lineup at The Parkway. The obvious irony in going substantial distance on foot in search of a substitute for pedestrian activity was not lost on me, especially after the 6k in about 30 degree heat. An unsatisfactory resolution to a particular car for sale ended the morning on an unhappy note. Perhaps I should consider enrolling in any current Shonky Car Sales courses that TAFE may be offering.

So 2006 is off to a flier. What goals present themselves for approval ?
1. keep to the fitness plan
* 2,750k
* participate in West Met winter series
* stick to the weights programme
* cycle !!
2. continue reading programme (keep up the reading - no more than 6 books awaiting the first page turn, at any one time).
3. Obtain CD copies of hard to get music, previously only on my LPs - notably "Legends Of The Lost And Found" by Harry Chapin.

To finish, a quote from Samuel Langhorne Clemens:
"New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual."


  • At 2:05 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    Have you ever tried making your own CDs using LPs as the source? It is not that hard to do. I have done over 500 of my albums mostly ones I could not purchase.

    Must admit, Verities And Balderdash and On the Road To Kingdom come are two that are still in the to do pile.


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