Tuesday, January 09, 2007

seek and be scammed

2007 has started, and I use this adjective advisedly, frenetically. At work, my account manager has resigned, so next Monday I'm It. That means recruitment and all the pitfalls associated. Hopefully it'll all go smoothly over the next few weeks. We are instructed to use Seek first, then an agency if the quality of the responses are no good.
Well, they've been entertaining.
I can confirm that there are people out there who apparently have a "reply to all" button on their Seek home page and automatically spam out their CV. At least that's what I thought when the guy who has just jumped off the boat from Ireland sent me his. Maybe his friend who has worked at Maccas borrowed his software programme. Curiously neither of them - nor most of the others - have had 5 plus years head office account management experience in Australian Grocery.

Training wise, I've stuck to part of the plan. I've reduced the k's, and started the 1k time trial. Here's the last week or so:
Tue -Fri 8k runs each day, with Tuesday the t/t at Rouse Hill. The result? 4:16 for the measured km. I was happy, especially as Tuesday brought on the beginning of a virus which has lasted about a week. It seems to be wishing me bon voyage now, but has meant my training lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. Actually, I do know: motivation. I did the basics, and then read, watched tv, swam with the family or just pondered what ailment had struck me. Not really conducive to high level training.
Even the Saturday 10k and Sunday 11k runs weren't that enjoyable. Still, with Monday rest day and today's 8k at 6am, I seem to have recovered a little of the right spirit...

So the plan is to get back into it! It's good running weather early on in the day, the gym is apparently still trading and my bike continues to slump forlornly against the garage wall. This weekend may just be the one...

The BB family is in good health, thanking you for your enquiries. Mrs BB is just peachy, her shin splints have purchased one way flights and are currently boarding, and Max is bounding from strength to strength. He accompanies Mrs BB on her walks now, showing - I am reliably told - a surprisingly consistent turn of speed over 6k. He eagerly awaits dawn, as breakfast beckons when we appear. Obviously he believes in the post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy.
One attendant irritation is that the inevitable concomitant of Max's food is the appearance of several myna birds seeking to disenfranchise him of it. Spirited defence via YD's water pistol normally works (note: Max limits himself to watching this rather attractive spectacle, then gets down to the real business of eating).
Son has just arrived back from a refreshing holiday at Diamond Beach, while ED has spent the past week without her mother. She spent a little while with us, but seemed happy to be home alone, even when I defined No Parties to include No Twelve Friends Just Dropping In Simultaneously.

And finally, scanning others blogs, it would seem they are leading more adventurous lives: Marcia with her python guest, Tesso her stair falling/lumbar injury, and Don Juan his SBS Friday night starring role. Hunc tu caveto.

"exit, stage left"


  • At 10:33 pm, Blogger Don Juan said…

    That's a tight definition of No Parties. Congratulations on the management appointment.

    Penile dementia is a global medical affliction, but also responsible for the evolution of the species.

    Apologies in advance for lowering the tone of the blog.

  • At 10:35 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Busy days BB.

    Watch that bike slumped folornly against the garage wall. Mine did that for years and then one day it decided to change directions and slumped onto my car - grrrr.

    Nice work on the 1k. Sub 4:10 next time.

  • At 10:01 am, Blogger miners said…

    Oh I don't know - a virus can be exciting can't it?

  • At 7:16 pm, Blogger MB said…

    Don Juan's really spicing things up, encore, encore

    Funny how the grass is always greener on the other side.

    Us beleaguered parents ought to start a website where we can swap strategies on surviving our adolescent offspring, how about:
    This long winded URL would be limited to only the most literate portion of the web browsing population!

    Good luck with the recruitment, it's a job hunter's dream at the moment, if you've got the skills that is.

  • At 9:44 pm, Blogger 2P said…

    4.16 is a tidy result BB - good to hear the family is all hunky dory.

    Good luck with the recruiting - I believe the term is that it "is a thin labour market at the moment" :-)

  • At 7:28 pm, Blogger go girl said…

    Hi there BB!

    What's this TT at Rouse Hill?? I'm interested in a bike ride sometime if you want?

    Was Mrs BB the other day too.


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