Sunday, November 12, 2006

two bunnies, one go girl, zero energy

Since the last post I've run
Fri 12k
Sat 12k
Sun 18k

Friday I saw another cousin of the rabbit at Rouse Hill. So that made two bunnies on Friday: him and me; me for getting up yet again at 5am! Aurora Musis amica.

Saturday was an "easy" 12k run, except I didn't get going until 10.30am. It was hot. I decided to go one way, head to Quakers Hill local shops, and request a lift from Mrs BB and YD. I arrived hot and sweaty with 6 y/o YD looking very much the picture of maturity and modernity, front seat, feet up on dashboard, reading... I feel old.

Sunday was a longer effort, 18k with Gogirl on her first longer run since comeback: KR to Quakers Hill/M7 to KR. I was glad it was a 7am start, as the humidity certainly built up, in inverse proportion to my fuel belt contents. Miners, 2P and all others will be pleased to know that she seemed pretty comfortable over the distance, had little trouble with breathing or conversing, and so it would appear that you should all note: Six Foot Track is coming!

After the run I had a welcome shower, and hit the gym for some weights. Strangely, my legs did not respond and I concentrated on doing a few upper body weights while watching music videos and hoping the time scooted along. Upon returning home, after lunch and a few plays with YD, I rested...and then had another rest. Now it's time for dinner and watching Seinfeld season 7...and another rest.

"Exit, stage left"...


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