Sunday, July 26, 2009

West Met #11, make that BB #3

It's been a tough running year in 2009. The hamstring tendonosis from November 2008 hasn't gone away; although I've been running regularly, I don't have the speed and I can't do regular distance. Still, some running is better than none. Still doing the physio's exercises, and now I'm onto Plan B: orthotics. They're actually quite comfortable, and now I know I'm not a real suprinator. No doubt you suspected it all along. So it's moderate-support, neutral shoes for me, and hello Athlete's Foot once again.

Yesterday was West Met #11, and only my third this year. At Emu Plains on the banks of the Nepean River (foothills of the Blue Mountains), the weather was superb: sunny, a very light breeze and 17. The 5k course, however was rated 3.5/5 and that's probably optimistic. Part XC, part gravel path, it was hard to get any traction due to the hills, slope and terrain. Oh, and the tree some louts pushed across the track near 2k that we had to climb over.
Details for my record (at each km) : 5:11, 10:36, 13:20 (turn 2.5k), 16:10, 21:31, 26:54. That was one tough run.

Speaking of tough runs, we've recently had the usual flu go through the family in a pretty solid way, with me having eight days off running. That's a record, and then Mrs BB got it again, then YD a few days before term end, which saw her stay home from school.
Then on Thursday she went over ice skating, fracturing her wrist. Six weeks in a cast, no more netball, modified dancing and flute and a whole lot of adjustment at home.
Still, she is bearing up well. Here's a recent photo

The next school holidays are only ten weeks away. We're off to the Sunshine Coast where we'll see Mr BB snr and his wife, then drive south to Ballina for a few days. Driving via Brisbane, maybe we'll be able to catch up with Tesso?

Ten weeks: A posse ad esse

"Exit, stage left"


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