Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cor blimey! Give me strength!

This Hamstring Tendonosis is a demanding thing. The easy route of physio massage and interferential machine tweaking doesn't cut it. It's all about Core Strengthening. I reckon I get some funny looks at the gym, with attendees perhaps wondering if Circus Oz is in town. Still, all this stuff seems to be working, so I'm happy to say running is back on the agenda. 152k over 17 runs since we last caught up - below average but much more enjoyable than pretty much all of November.

I even managed two races

* CR Twilight Series #2 at Silverwater last Wednesday: 5k in 26:09, and then sampled some of CR Colin's famous brew-ha-ha. Lovely flat course, by the Parramatta River, and a decent turnout for a great series. Even got to meet the famous Thomo...

* SMC #3 today: don't talk about November's race - I wasn't even in the mood to go watch, given my injury and how I felt. Today I felt okay for a 5k, but not ready for 10k (although I managed my longest run in two months yesterday, a nice and steady 12k). What a festive event today was! A record number of entries, mostly due to the 10k teams event. Mate Joe (now officially CR Joestat) managed a PB in 42:2x, and Michael came through in 38:5x, another sterling effort.
In the 5k, I managed 24:54, with a negative split to boot (12:50/12:04) thanks to a final k sprint of 4:24. Felt sore after, but definitely manageable. Hey, I reckon I'm on the mend!

The training programme is going to be more of the same: core strengthening, easy/medium running 8-12k, weights. I'm not ready to resume sprint training, and I'd like to be healthy enough to have the option of adding squash to the list of activities for 2009. I used to play grade some years ago, and I think it's a great, fun way to exercise. Now to find a complex that hasn't been sold off for commercial redevelopment...

Christmas is nearly here. The BB household loves Christmas. Mrs BB and YD love everything about and associated with Christmas. White Christmas trees, decorations, countdown calendars, gift wrapping, night-time looking at Kellyville house decorations - wearing Rudolph antlers and red noses. And Mass. And talking about Christmas. And baking White Christmas. You get the picture. For me, it's all a little wearing, and so for purely health reasons I insist on a quite drink to calm my nerves. I might even be tempted to try this tonic. I know Max would like to try it. Makes a change from eating sticks and rat poison. Merry Christmas Max "Rasputin" Buffett.

There have been some fascinating political shenanigans recently, too much to summarise here. Suffice it to say that Ironbark Tuckey once again gets my vote for the King Canute Award for 2008. Federal Election 2007? No mandate for Work Choices you say? Bah!
Wilson disagrees.

I think he needs something to calm himself down, so he can start 2009 fresh and enthused to continue his campaign of persecuting anyone slightly left of Robert Mugabe.

I have just the gift.

Buon Natale everyone!

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 6:50 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Sounds like you may well be on the mend BB. I had a talk with my physio, he's recommending for me to run at the pace that feels natural rather than try to slow myself down (he says everyone has their 'efficient' pace). It seems to work, much less pain.

    Hope you had a very Brady Christmas :)

    PS Johnny Barker ... too funny!


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