Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Half a mo, where'd Feb go?

It's been some while since last post. Since then, three races. Funnily enough, all three have been CR Twilight ones, not SMC.

The darned hamstring tendonosis caused problems during February, leading to a scratching in the SMC and CR Twilight Silverwater events. Very aggravating you might say.

As for the three:
* 30/01 Parramatta 5k in 24 flat. Surprising to see Tesso drive all the way for the run, but considering she ran her fastest for some time, I guess it was worthwhile. A nice break from her day job. You might even say, from rags to riches.
* 06/02 Doonside 5k in 25:55 and stinking hot - about 37 degrees at 7pm. The following week my leg got worse and the rest you now know.
* 27/02 Bay Run 5k in 24:40, beating the previous race's 25:15. Brilliant. I wasn't sure how I'd cope, but went through comfortably, reeling in quite a few and not being overtaken. Chatted afterwards with mate Joestat, Coogee1979M and Tomomi. Very relaxing, enabling me to thoroughly enjoy my first Margaret River cleanskin at the school Bush Dance a little later.

I'm running to avoid injury now, so no long ones and no off road. I tried that late January, just for a km or so on XC in Quakers Hill and look where it got me. Home in a hurry.

Most runs are 8k, with the occasional 10k on weekends. Plus plenty of physio-approved stretching, and weights at the gym.

With all the predictability in Federal politics at present, where can one turn to for a good laugh? I know, Queensland. They've got a state election coming soon. And some sterling candidates have announced their candidature. Notably Pauline Hanson. She still has that old media savvy in spades (but spades filled with what?).

Warwick Capper announced he was standing for Beaudesert, but forgot to register.
Maybe he's going back to something similar yet more lucrative.

The latest and yet oldest Opposition Leader in QLD has come up with another brilliant financial plan to weather the storm : a government efficiency drive! $1b a year, 3% efficiency. Why, if public servants could be 30% more efficient, they could start writing big fat cheques to pay for all the infrastructure Queensland could ever need. Truly a visionary. Alis volat propriis.

For more laughs and decent insight, try Crikey's new election blog Pineapple Party Time.

Exit, stage left.


  • At 9:08 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    Bugger ... I left a comment and then got a bug (achoo!) and it disappeared. It was just about our Warwick.


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