Sunday, March 22, 2009

Park it, Mrs BB!

Two races in two weeks!

1. Girraween Athletics Club have a short series, sort of West Met warm up, each Saturday at C.V.Kelly Park. A tricky 2k loop, I did the 2k run (they had 2k, 4k, 8k) last Saturday in 9:35, so pleased with sub 5 min/km. It is a mixture of deep grass and road, but well worth it and a very welcoming club. Missed yesterday's because we went to the Castle Hill Show, but will probably do next week's (last) run.

2. SMC today, with the hamstring feeling much better until Thursday, when I mowed the lawn on my day off running. Just proves I should hire a professional (mower).
Still, 5k in 25:45. At first glance, quite an ordinary result. Second glance doesn't improve it either. However, I am more concerned at how the hammy recovers tomorrow, because priority #1 is to keep running, not jog, race, get injured, don't run, light jog etc etc. So I took it reasonably easy. Splits 5:20 1k, 10:40 2k, 13:20 2.5k turnround, 21:00 4k, 25:45 5k. So a decent negative split and the last km in 4:45, without stress and no elevated heartbeat (164/104). Comfortable, and enjoyed a brief chat before home to wash my car, swim with YD and start work on her school project.

Cap'n Bligh created history by being the first elected female State Premier in Australia. Amazing it's taken so long. Joan and Carmen were Premiers but not through state elections. Good luck to her and I hope she jettisons a bit of flotsam in the next few weeks. It would also be good to have a strong opposition but I just can't see it. At least The Borg is apparently stepping down. Maybe he's going to volunteer to look after mental patients. Oh no, that's right, that policy won't be implemented because his side lost... What a cracker - untrained volunteers reading to mental patients and no guards required. I think someone needs to read a few things (Riot Act to start with) to the LNP policy development loonies.

Just finished reading Philip Matyszak's "Ancient Rome On Five Denarii A Day", a classic travel guide for Rome if you plan to travel there around 200AD. Simply a clever history book which details many interesting social customs and mores. Look for the companion piece "Ancient Athens On Five Drachma A Day". Just the ticket if you're in 431BC and hoping to drop in on Pericles or Thucydides (better go there before the Peloponnesian War begins).

And finally, for those that still think the LNP merger in QLD was the worst invention of all time, please check out this list.

My vote goes to the Dog Riding Outside The Car.

Canis hominum optimus amicus est.

"exit, stage left"


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