Friday, June 19, 2009

Sella Bella Vista?


The house with the Beautiful View was sold, 14 years after ex-Mrs BB and I were no more. Now she has a new Duplex, and we have less of a mortgage. But a looming CGT after May 15, 2010. Still, money left over plus a new car for Mrs BB makes us happy.


Not much excitement on the running front. Plenty of 8-10k runs, managing to just stay ahead of the hamstring tendonosis. The weather here has been average, and the motivation less so, and therefore I have just the solitary West Met attendance to report.
West Met #5 at Ermington was windy and cool. I managed an even 20 min. for 4k, slightly down on previous year's 19:45. That's okay; I was cooling my heels at the 3.5k mark, waiting to egg on a younger runner, who subsequently slowed down. It was a good race against her, and I did overtake her at 3k, but that camaraderie cost me 15 seconds!

There's quite a decent few West Mets coming up, so hopefully more race reports.

BIG night tonight. It's the annual Trivia Night at YD's school. Parents only. Heroes & Villains theme. Our table has a Batman focus: we are Catwoman, and The Riddler. Perhaps photos will follow?

There is a photo to finish today's post: a proud father's moment. My eldest daughter at her graduation!

Well done AAC!

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 7:44 pm, Blogger Andrew(ajh) said…

    Those "proud father" moments are the best aren't they!

    My 10km PB is 44:01 (Mar 2007) and I ran a 47:56 in October last year, but I think I'd be pushing to get under 50 minutes right about now, but hopefully can get back there soon!


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