Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And The Excitement Continues To Build

Another music hero Harry Chapin used to say this in concert as a particularly laboured and slow intro occurred. That's how I feel about returning to work tomorrow. Mind you, I have only been on holidays physically: since I have no Account Manager, I've been checking emails in the evening and solving the occasional issue by day. No family time has been postponed, but I sure haven't relaxed evenings as I would have liked. Next break: a few days at Easter, and my new Account Manager (still to be recruited) can deal with things.

The last few days have been consistent:
Mon 29/01 8k Clean Streets 8am followed by weights at BLC.
Tue 30/01 8k Clean Streets 7:30am
Wed 31/01 9k Rouse Hill 8:30am

including the 1k time trial. Tesso, you may be pleased to know I managed 4:00 min flat!

I think I scared a couple of council workers. From halfway, my legs started to tire, and I kept shouting abuse at myself to keep going. I'm sure they were one phone call away from requesting the padded wagon.
Still, I'm pleased with the result, given I'd run 8k there and have had no break since last Tuesday (= tired legs). This year, I've managed 4:16, 4:10 and now 4 flat. Today, I hit halfway at 1:50, so if I can improve my fitness, I feel a sub 4 min is on - perhaps next week!

Miners, good news. I took my bike to the guys at Windsor Cycles. I am a firm believer in calling in the experts. Bike Shop people always seem passionate about bikes (unlike staff in Target, Big W etc). I left my bike in good hands, and it will be ready for me on Saturday, fine tuned and fixed (new cables and tubing). I'm looking to do a 40k ride out and back on the M7. It will be interesting, since I've run a fair bit of it, but Sunday will let me see much more. Think I'll freeze the clip-on water bottle, and look for refills along the way. Any other tips, Miners?

YD started year one on Tuesday, so the last two days were interesting to see the development from a year ago. New kindy kids start tomorrow. I won't see that, but Mrs BB will. It'll be "tears and tissues" like last year. They'll manage, and I know they'll like our school.

Elder kids were over to dinner last night. Son started Year 11 yesterday. Monosyllabic responses are typical for his peer group. Surprisingly, they do well at school, even English. Yet their response to a question is often "mmm er mmm". Translation : "I am not clear on that point, father. I would need to confirm the data." Otherwise known as "I don't know".
ED starts Uni again at the end of February. I know because I looked it up online and told her. Gee, three whole clicks to get the information. A shame she was unsure up to that point. Even if you have a myspace page and ipod and download everything digitally available, you still need a level of interest if you are to do well at studies. Oh dear, sounds like my mum...

Mrs BB and I enjoyed two lunches by ourselves this week: Ettamogah Pub Tuesday, and then today we journeyed to Kurrajong for a foccacia at the Valley View Cafe. Lovely area, a little like the Dandenongs and a smidge like the Sunshine Coast hinterland area around Maleny. Except here, the platypus is safe and no Woolworths is trying to juggernaut its way into the community. It's pleasing to learn that the folk in Maleny are leading a successful boycott of this unwanted supermarket in their town. I guess IGA will be happy.

I'd like to finish on a happy note today, for that's how I normally feel: that and lucky. Here's a good story that might just Perk you up...

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 9:36 pm, Blogger miners said…

    um ... dont ride over any glass. And don't try and fang it too hard with the new cables. They need to "stretch" and settle a little.

    Have fun on the weekend. Haven't heard much about the M7 as a riding venue yet, so am looking forward to a report :)

  • At 11:23 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Woohoo!!! Great news on the 1k TT BB. Sub 4 and its not quite the end of January ... still over an hour of it left up here :-)

    Thinking about the way you are running (great) compared to the way I am running (so so) some role reversal may be required - you'll have to start giving me a gee up.

  • At 9:42 am, Anonymous Hiroshi said…

    RE Eld and weekend visits: enjoy the (temporary) respite. In a few years she will be bringing over her own family for weekends, or you will be going to her place, for baby sitting commitments. Hiroshi.

  • At 9:40 pm, Blogger Don Juan said…

    Good running.

    You can buy year 11 dictionaries and interpreters.

    Account managers create more tears and tissues than anybody else.


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