Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Your zenith, BB?" "No dear. Nadir"

I'm sure if I am able to find Liliaceae to blend into a drink, I could be called weak-kneed and lily-livered. I've got the knees bit down pat.

A likely after effect of the recent sprint training and running on concrete has been a sore right knee.
Now my knees and I don't have a good long term relationship, which is partly why I never did more than 6k per run until 2001. Leftie complained, and I had to back right off. We all know the frustration felt by runners during a layoff. So I eased back, didn't lay back.
Now the right one's unhappy. On the top, fortunately, not behind the kneecap.

I'm thinking my first cycle in years didn't help. Last Sunday, I headed out at 5:30am, to do about 2 hours along the M7, returning at 7:30am. Good hard workout. Problem: knee sore for the previous two days, and it didn't enjoy the various power surges uphill.

So this week, I've cut the training down a lot, in the belief that will work. I find blind faith very satisfactory. It eliminates the need to use whatever part of the brain is normally required, freeing said part for more important considerations like reading an uplifting tome.

In summary, I've run 8k each day except Saturday, when I managed 12k around Stanhope Gardens. Today was only 8k, which felt weird. LSR became SSR with no motivation. I find the humidity more sapping than dry heat, and running becomes something to endure. Still, I've got in a couple of weights sessions and haven't put on weight, so that's a positive.

Plans for this coming week include more of the same, with bitumen favoured over concrete (there goes Rouse Hill) and no sprints!

I'm hoping that the two week "taper" will do the trick, as it has in the past.

On other topics, I'm still enjoying listening to Carly Simon's new CD, reading "The Semptress' Tale" by Margaret Fraser, and mucking about at the nets batting and bowling with Son.

I'm not enjoying managing our largest customer solo, and am getting to the middle stages of recruitment. If only we could recruit using some sort of photosynthetic technique, rather than using Recruitment Consultants. I think the Used Car industry must sack only the very worst and most repulsive employees; these then are destined for stellar careers as recruiters.

Valentine's Day is upon us come Wednesday. A sad day for some lonely individuals. In some cases, sad for married male colleagues. It's certainly a reminder that you're in a relationship. For these select individuals, that's cause for ordering a few beers and wondering what the hell to do about it. Not in my case, not this time around. Mrs BB is just great, and we'll be enjoying a quiet Thai meal, along with YD who is also excited it's Valentine's Day, although to her its significance is unclear. A dinner out has to be good news.

A reminder, though, how some passions can get away from you. I like the nappies part. Must have been a good look.

"exit, stage left"


  • At 9:51 pm, Blogger Don Juan said…

    You're so vain ;-).

    The recruitment consultants Code of Ethics is a good read.

    YD would be expecting red roses this Wednesday.

  • At 1:15 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    I think on Wednesday night you should don a white jumpsuit and sing "Only One You" to Mrs BB over the Pad Thai.


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