Sunday, September 06, 2009

SB for BB: FAB

Well the West Met season is over. I managed to get to a few more towards the end:
* #12 Cowells Lane 4k 21:20 in a very tough run for me and other bunnies
* #13 Greystanes 4k 19:53 just scraping under the 5 min. avg.
* non-points score Prospect 4k 19:12 in a season best performance!

I hadn't done the actual WM#10 Prospect run, as I was pretty sick with the flu in early July. I decided to run this course as mate Joe raved about it. Certainly Prospect Reservoir is a scenic spot and lovely place for a picnic.

The course changed! Instead of 2k out then return, they made it 2 x 1k out then return. So what? Well, that meant the hill in the first 400m was still there, but the nice flat bit from 1k to 2k wasn't!

The weather was quite warm (18) with heat off the bitumen bike path. With only 24 starters, I was guaranteed a higher finishing position than before, but surprised myself with my best run for possibly a few years, and finished in ninth spot!
Here's the split details:
1k 4:55 that's the lag effect from the hill!
2k 9:50 (4:55)
3k 14:45 (4:55)
3.5k 17:16
4k 19:12 meaning a final 500m at 1:56 pace! Yep, pretty happy. I enjoyed the Monkey Bay SB later on.

There are quite a few runs to look forward to over the next three months: SMC starts unofficially next weekend with rego and a group run trying out the new microchips; Orange Blossom 27/09 hosted by Hills Athletics; CR Twilight Runs start early with Thomo hosting Parramatta Park 16/10; and my favourite community fun run - St Marys South - is on again late October. I'm thinking of doing that and SMC #1 that day: SMC 5k 7:40am, jog to the car, drive along M4 to St Marys, run the 8k at 9am. Can't wait.

One thing I can wait for is AFL season 2010, after Carlton's disgraceful performance last night. I will still be hoping St Kilda and Geelong make the GF; if so, I'm happy but I would really like to see the Saints get up. I remember as a young boy listening to the 1966 GF and watching Football Inquest that night; my family was excited as mum was a Saints supporter as apparently was I. Followed them for a few years after that, but gave up somewhere in the late 70's and switched allegiance to the Blues, my grandfather's team.

I'm ready to switch again but maybe that's just a product of feeling let down by 29 minutes of hopeless positional play and crap coaching. Bitter? Nah!

Here's a great book to read if you like Historical Mysteries AND Pulp Fiction/Crime Noir (e.g. Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe):
"Nox Dormienda (A Long Night for Sleeping)" by Kelli Stanley

Think Marlowe in First century Roman England (Londinium). It's an excellent "Roman Noir" novel, and there will be a sequel.

And for more good news: Goon Show vol. 26 has just been released and yes, I have a copy. Maybe I'll be walking backwards for Christmas.

I'd love to see this bumper sticker more often:
Sona si Latine loqueris

"Exit, stage left"


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