Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Tough Job But Someone...

Here we are at Buddina Beach on the Sunshine Coast, slumming it in the penthouse, thanks to the quirky gap between NSW/QLD school holidays. Everything is affordable this week.

Look, it's okay what with the spa, air con, DVD player, 2 TV's and about 20 squares of luxury, but I was disappointed to see they have only minor originals by Renoir on the walls.

Caught up with BB snr and the lovely Julia last night for a BBQ on our deck; a relaxing evening with a few cleansing ales followed by some Oyster Bay sav blanc. As I say, tough life...

Great spot for running. 15k today out to Mooloolaba (but don't start me on Mooloolaba runners - see CR post for details).This is just an ideal location. For a mature couple, Mooloolaba has to be given serious consideration as an "empty nest" option - for me, an apartment overlooking the water, with numerous cafes, bars and restaurants nearby, Maroochydore shops close by, brilliant running options, superb weather year round - it's hard to come up with better options.

I have one: Ballina. We'll be there later this week to rekindle the dream of moving there in not too many years..

Da mihi sis cerevisiam dilutam

"Exit, stage left"


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