Sunday, June 11, 2006

Is time a continuum for People Like Us ?

"What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know" : Saint Augustine.
Although, judging by Plu's recent mega Blog Summary, he does, and indeed feels that 3 weeks without an entry constitutes MIA. I disagree, and would tend to side with ex-British PM Disraeli:
"But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. "
Nevertheless, it' s time for an update.
May saw a solid effort, with a record 294k month. Included were three West Mets, of which I have waxed lyrical about two. Macquarie Hospital 27/05 was the horror course which wasn't so bad. A cruisy 9.45 min 2k, with Son completing in 8.17 min. I am finding the West Mets pleasant, as a long run in the morning means the k's are up for the day, and I can relax and watch S go hard.
Yesterday's West Met 7 at Smithfield was just one of those days : an early 15k meant no pressure to run; coupled with showers and cold winds, the course wasn't inviting. However, S needed a hit-out, so away we went. Finished in 9.23 min, and almost jogged the last 100m. S did 8.14 min. Both were good times, as times overall were slower due to the heavier conditions. Saw Beth at the start - hope to see how she went in the 4k. The Blacktown 10k Finish photo on her blog looks inspiring (
Today was a comfortable 16k, home along the M7 to end up at Woodcroft Lake. Then the showers started up, so it's DVD afternoon time.
Recent musings have led me to conclude that my life revolves around running. Earth shattering. This is the time of year when I check the forecast nightly, to decide what I'll wear in the morning, or even if I can run at lunchtime. Lately, it's been the latter, with the M7 getting a good workover.
Melbourne last week saw two good runs, with Yarra and Yarra/Tan early morning sessions. Even got a "go coolrunner!" call at the Tan, and stopped for a quick chat.
When considering the beauty of winter, I see it in running terms. Heavy rain and strong winds may be the essence of Brontean literature, but they make me want to stay indoors and read their novels. I'm happy now with cold, windless days around 18 degrees.
Still, with the coolmax gear, tights and gloves (plus rainjacket for when it belts down), I'm almost set. If only there was a coolmax ear warmer. Caps are great but they don't warm the aural regions, and beanies make me look like I'm really on the run.

Steven Saylor's Gordianus collection "A gladiator dies only once" is in process, along with various local history books. It's fascinating to see how old the Hills area really is. Apart from the obvious Vinegar Hill battle, it's interesting to realize Toongabbie was the site of the third attempted farm. Didn't last long, but then again, neither did Farm Cove.

No new CDs to speak of. Currently Manhattan Transfer is in the car, with Pastiche (1978) doing the rounds. Interesting to note that the group took its name from John Dos Passos' 1925 book of that name.

The good news is that "Allo "Allo series 1 and 2 is out on DVD and we're working through them. History Of The World is released next week - at last. "It's good to be the king. "


  • At 6:34 pm, Blogger plu said…

    Hi BB,

    Fair comment. I guess I was trying to indicate a break from blogging hence the MIA. I guess I took an update in May to be MIA without really looking to closely at the date.

    I sort of took the break to be connected to the comments about cool weather etc.

    All the best


  • At 11:16 am, Blogger go girl said…

    You have been a busy BB. Great month total there, with lots of training going on.

    I'll try not to scare Kelly anymore, sorry!

  • At 9:30 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Hey BB! Thanks for the blog comment.

    Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kate Bush, you, me ... the list goes on. 1958, it was a very good year :-)

    Wonder what other CRs belong to our exclusive little club?

    Keep an eye on that Go Girl character for us.


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