Sunday, April 23, 2006

West Met 3 : Dusty Blues

That's how I felt during and after the race. Good news is, the points scoring system means we don't ever have to run that course again. Even Macquarie Hospital course seems better. Concord XC ended up a sort of steeplechase/goat track.
I'd planned to hang back a little and let the pack through, as a wooden fence greeted us within 100m. Wait, squeeze or hurdle. Unfortunately, the dustiness of the surface stirred up not just much dirt but disturbing memories of childhood asthma.
Dust, grass, cat's hair... all these could have triggered an attack way back when. As it was an allergic reaction, I was able to be innoculated against this form of asthma - it took a weekly needle, over a full year. Not much fun for a 10 year old. Still, since then, hardly any repeats of a frightening illness. Unfortunately, dust is now the only major potential trigger for it, and I had visions... so I held back.
The course was a really winding XC, looping in and out of paths, grass, across low timber barriers... at least we only did the 2k - the longer runs were just more laps of the same course... boring!
A huge field in the 2k - I finished in 47th place (approx 9:05 min); there must have been 80 starters. Son leapt away at the start and completed the course in about 8:02 min. Good result. I could have shaved another 25 seconds off the time by going hard at the start, but ran an even stronger dust risk.
We agreed we won't return for this course next year. A shame, as there are some wonderful areas to run around Concord/Burwood North. I guess it's just hard getting traffic-free areas nowadays, especially with the difficulties involved in getting council/police permission and support.
Postscript to last week's 2k race : official times BB 8.47 min, BB Son 7.58 min.
Saw Bethroid and had a quick chat before the start of the 2k : she was there nice and early for the 4k at 2.20pm, all keyed and and excited. Saw on her blog a good consistent time of 21.40 min - well done! Should make a note to check out amenities blocks prior to all races. Beth, just to let you know - unless things have changed there are NONE close by at Macquarie Hospital, Dundas, Cowells Lane or Crestwood. Go early. Good luck with the training plan for CTS and HM.
A break from West Mets now for 2 weeks, then Meadowbank 13/05. A nice, scenic, flat, dust-free course.

Exercise this week has been pretty good:
Easter Monday 17/04 10k Rouse Hill
Tue 18/04 9k extended Clean Streets
Wed 19/04 9k Scotchman's Creek bike path (Melbourne-Glen Waverley)
Thur 20/04 rest day-sleep in until 6.30am
Fri 21/04 11k M7 east from Rooty Hill
Sat 22/04 10k extended Clean Streets followed by West Met #3; weights
Sun 23/04 17k home/M7/home

Important milestone
Saturday was Mrs BB's birthday! Some nice pressies and dinner at Pizza on Bella with ED, S, YD. YD as always was centre of attention, with pictures to colour in, gallons of drink to consume and nuggets/chips to peck at before offloading them to BB. Mrs BB had a rare evening not sharing the driving (ie driving home) but chose not to cut loose. A wise decision, as BB is happy for her to continue her focus on fitness and just being a good sort.
ED gallantly joined us for dinner before heading out with Boyfriend and friends fashionably later. Home by 1am as agreed. Even managed to get to bed without waking the household!

Just finished Caroline Roe's "Consolation For An Exile". HM set in 1355 Spain. 8th in the series, very well researched and wittily written, it revolves around Isaac, a blind Jewish physician in Girona. This one is what is commonly known as a rollicking good read, following the trip to and from Grenada of Yusuf, Isaac's pupil. Interesting blending of Christian and Islamic court lives.
Next up, Margaret Frazer's "Ther Widow's Tale" featuring the very popular Sister Frevisse, set in England in the mid 15th century. I've always found this series very compassionate as well as realistically portraying human behaviour. Sister Frevisse displays tenacity, perspicacity as well as gentle understanding. Time to read!

Currently two new releases are getting airplay : Donald Fagen's "Morph The Cat" (his first solo release since Kamakiriad 1994) and Jeff Duff's "Lost In The Stars". Astute readers would know Fagen as being half of one of the greatest bands ever : Steely Dan. His latest offering - allegedy the last of his trilogy which started with "The Nightfly" 1982 - is more of what I would term late Dan; jazzy, complex and polished. Some good tracks here.
I doubt that anyone other than Robert Song would know of Jeff Duff - former frontman for Kush, Australian glam band of the early/mid 1970s. He has a good voice, and this album is the second of a concept series. The concept is : what would happen if Frank Sinatra and David Bowie accidentally turned up at each other's scheduled concert? Jeff's answer is that they would each do the other's song list, but in their own style. His first album "Ground Control To Frank Sinatra" started this theme, and I must say he carries it off well.

Previewing the week : 3 days off work (Tue-Thur) so a chance to do a few longer runs to ensure a record April and possibly all time record month!
Also planned are trips to library (YD), park (YD) and optometrist for the yearly check-up and new reading glasses. For those in their 40s and above : don't you hate it when someone says "you look great for your age". What am I supposed to look like?!?!? An embalmed corpse given an electric shock every day? It says more about the speaker than the subject. Anyway, I'm getting ready for that same yearly comment from my optometrist. I've often wanted to pick up on the comment and provide him with some pointed commentary about his own lifestyle, coupled with some witticisms and optometry puns, but sometimes in life it's best just to have the test, get the specs and bolt.

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 9:30 am, Blogger go girl said…

    Hey, great run on the weekend BB. Very speedy. Say a belated "Happy Birthday" to Mrs BB for me.

    I must have just missed you on the M7 yesterday.

  • At 3:38 pm, Blogger Beth said…

    Great run BB! I didnt dare jump the wooden fence for fear of landing flat on my face! LOL! Thanks for the heads up, re: toilets.
    Happy birthday to Mrs BB and have a great running week!!!


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