Friday, March 03, 2006

What tha dealio ?

I note that some 9 days have elapsed since the last post. Either dereliction of duty, or a whole lotta stuff got in the way. You decide.

Running has not suffered:
Thur 23/02 8k at 6am, nice steady pace (42 min), Clean Streets - now this IS strange : saw TWO rabbits in the previously-mentioned spot. Hmm. Does this mean soon there'll be a KR bunny joggers group ?
Fri 24/02 8k, same as Thur (rabbits' rest day)
Sat 25/02 12k at 8am, from Bella Vista through Crestwood, with a tear in the eye through the old stomping ground. Nice and easy, although a trifle warm, although it meant I avoided seeing much of Son's cricket team getting thrashed (innings and 200 runs)
Sun 26/02 22k at 8am, home through Glenwood and onto the M7 to Sunnyholt Rd return home. Equal longest run !!! (also managed a gym session somehow) Now I know I need some sort of water-storage system : either a Camelbak or fuel belt. Any ideas please !!!
Mon 27/02 Rest Day : no argument from my quads on this one. A decision taken quickly and with no remorse
Tue 28/02 10k at 12 noon, work to Richmond Rd return (M7 again!) although this time obstacles were encountered : AbiGroup workers intent on destroying lung capacity through large-scale garden fertilisation programme

February total : 253k, 2nd best Feb ever, with 2 less days than 2004; best ever avg/run over a month (11k), so all in all, a satisfying month for exercise - including a rapid recovery from a cold thoughfully provided by Son.

March : well, my best k's for a March is 258. Current plans suggest 251 - tantalisingly close, so it may be the challenge is taken up. Sunday runs will determine this soon.

Wed 01/3 10k at 7am, Clean Streets but variation

Thur 02/03 9k at 6am, Clean Streets extended. No dogs or rabbits. Ran past the area that is now sub-judice. No comment, just a little eerie given an arrest has occurred. Obscure ? Go to Google and type in "Jody Galante". Shiver.
Fri 02/03 8k at 6am, Clean Streets; 45 min weights workout

Now, back in 2004 I decided to set a yearly km record (vs all years since 1981). I did, but I sure was unmotivated come November, so 2005 saw a drop off although it was still the 4th best year. Something about getting a life and rackin' frackin' varmints etc etc
2006 has seen a resurgence - almost a renaissance - and will possibly set the record for most k's. BUT - it will proceed month by month, niggle by niggle.
Thinking about getting some skins - any comments ?
Perhaps later in the year a Garmin may be on the agenda, although it sits somewhere below a dog for YD and various home appliances.

Quick comments on books and music :

* still reading Michael Jecks, but the end is nigh and Paul Doherty beckons, as does the Abbeys March catalogue... temptation !
* it's been Goon Show 23 this week : 4 episodes from the most recent CD release. It's scary to think how many more CDs could be released (or even the theoretical number if the BBC had actually taped the first shows). And just to show how varied the BB selection can be, we've had Grease soundtrack and some classical selections.
Even been tuning into the radio : mainly ABC classic FM, with a little 702BL - and I have pretty much eliminated Vega FM. A shame. Great concept, poor execution and almost zero ratings. Still, if I followed stations based on ratings, I'd be tuning into One FM (The Edge) and becoming a Hip Hop 40 ish tragic. I'm just not really into Snoop Dogg. Peace Out.


  • At 12:59 pm, Blogger go girl said…

    BB, Great week you have had. Congrat's on the long run again.

    Fuel belts are on the Internet. I think, try google. I have the 4 bottle with the little carry pouch great for long runs along the M7. I also have a camelback which I used on the recent Orchard run. Holds more water capacity (1.5L) and is good for trail running.

    Skins - Love them. You can get them at most Rebel sports stores. They are one of the best running accessories I have purchased. Great for the winter runs around the Ridge. Fantastic for recovery after the long runs.

    You taking the training for the rabbit running group?

  • At 2:08 pm, Blogger Lulu said…

    I have a fuel belt too and have found it excellent on long runs. It doesn't move about too much and is balanced. I haven't tried the camelback as I don't need anything that major at this stage.

    I'm with GG on the skins, they are a great way to recover from long runs.

  • At 12:52 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    The Saint's also did covers of Elvis (Kissing Cousins) , Otis Redding (Security) and Aretha Franklin (Save Me).

    It is true they were appalled by the punk scene in England when they got there in May 77. More about fashion then the music. By this stage they had been playing "punk" since 1974 well before any of the British bands started.

    I am a Ramones fan as well as The Clash. That whole punk thing from 77/78 has been one of the most exciting musical periods of my life.


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