Sunday, April 16, 2006

A little housekeeping

The Blog has changed Template yet again - and this time I've remembered to create the Links section (forgot you lose the customisation when you change). Hope you are curious enough to click on a few!

Today was anticipated well in yesterday's post - could have a new job as Nostradamus, although much of today was within my own control.

Good 12k run (Clean Streets) early on followed by easter egg hunt, followed by lunch and an interesting Verdelho. Further intellectual stimulation was provided by a viewing of Donald Duck's "The Three Caballeros" with YD.

Been meaning to post : almost in inverse proportion to the housing development going on in KR, I continue to see bunnies jogging nearby; I must say I was surprised two weeks ago to see a fox likewise ( animal lovers can rest easy - the bunnies had a head start and I think the fox was on a LSR, not hunting dinner).
I look forward to Second Ponds Creek development roads opening : more variation possible, less traffic and greater scenery!
Next Saturday is West Met #3 at Concord (XC); may do an M7 run on Sunday if up to it.


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