Saturday, April 15, 2006

West Met 2 : "so there's a trophy?"

My son has now realized that he could get something if he gets the most points over the season.
14 races, best 10 count. 10 points for 1st in division, 9 for 2nd etc down to 1 point for competing.
His approach is simple : run hard, and nobble the competition. Basically, you can run any of the races you like (or all 3), but you must nominate only one distance you want points to count towards (short, medium, long). While he was beaten into second place last week for U20s, he is confident Andrew has nominated for the middle distance, thereby giving Son 10 points.
As it turns out, he is doing well in his school's XC racing : a tough 4.5k circuit within the perimeter of the school : plenty of hills, path and grass. He managed @ 17 min - finishing 9th out of about 60.
Postscript to last week's 2k race : official times BB 8.17 min, BB Son 7.33 min.

This week we headed to South Strathfield : Cooks Park, a flat concrete bike path. No walkers, but some cyclists to avoid. Not having done this race before, I thought I'd just go out and do the best I could depending on how I felt.
"How I felt" was a little tired : during the week I managed
* 8k on each of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday around the Clean Streets at 6am
* 16k on Good Friday along the Rouse Hill/Beaumont Hills Smalls Creek Walking Trail.
* 10k this morning followed by a weights workout at the gym. So the legs were a little tired, especially after the last 2 days runs and weights (which include plenty of leg weights).

A goodly field was once again entertained by Merv's warm-up and helpful instructions (run towards Strathfield) while Son and I enjoyed not having to line up to register and pay, as we were locked away for the season already. BTW, we arrived very early, so Son decide to warm up by bowling a few overs at me in a nearby cricket net, with a tennis ball he had fortuitously brought along.
As we started, I had the feeling it would be a slightly slower run than last week. I timed my 500m splits : 2.15, 2.12, 2.18, 2.00 for an overall (unofficial) 8.45 min.
Finished 23rd overall, happy with the run, and a good last 500m.
I lent Son a spare sportswatch to check his times. He got it half right : he told me his 1k split was 4.15, but forgot to look at the end of the race!!! By a process of elimination, I checked with runners either side of him (8th and 10th), and believe he finished in 7.50 min, giving him a brilliant negative split of 3.35 min! He was happy when I told him, and felt that, yes, he ran hard the second half of the race.

Worked out that, lining up for the start of the middle distance race at 2.20pm, was BethRoid from Team H of coolrunning's bloggers. Introduced myself, and wished her well for the slightly tougher course ahead. Look forward to hearing how she went in her second race. Hopefully no blurking.

It's no secret our family has a Christian focus, with school and new church playing an important part in our lives. Funny, you almost have to apologise for professing religious beliefs nowadays.
My point is that while - for us - Easter has a special significance, we are also pragmatic enough to know that five year olds have mega expectations of Easter Sunday. So, tomorrow morning we hope to wake to find the easter bunny has visited, so we can have the annual easter egg hunt, joined by Son and Eldest Daughter (the latter dutifully there, having long discarded memories of similar fun 12 or more years ago).
When they depart for family picnic with mum (ex Mrs BB), we will greet BB's MIL for a family BBQ and quiet wine appreciation session.
Monday it's off to Richmond Mall to see Angelina Ballerina in mouse-person on stage. What an Easter for a five year old : two parties, eggs, church, AB on stage, Dad home for 4 days, painting and drawing and swimming...
I'm hoping to get in a 12k run tomorrow, 10k plus gym workout on Monday, then off to Melbourne for 2 days of meetings. At least I'll be able to do an early run Wednesday around the Glen Waverley Waterboard Basin bike path. A pleasant 9k through trees and semi-bushland, yet surrounded by suburbia. Hope the weather holds up. Still, Melbourne is always prone to tease the runner with hope of good conditions, only to burst forth with icy winds and a downpour. Other than Nov to Mar, it's best to have a rain jacket slung around the waist - just in case.

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 10:36 pm, Blogger Beth said…

    Good run BB!!!! and jnr BB!!!

    No chucking today (although I could have!) I really enjoyed this course today!

    have fun in Melbourne!

  • At 9:28 am, Blogger Robert Song said…

    I hope I can stay ahead of my son for many more years yet. Him being only eight years old makes it easy now but I suppose it won't be too long before he can beat me.

  • At 7:08 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…


    The Gold Coast is almost dead flat. Just a few gentle rises on bridges. Perfect really.

    I will get around to my Song Blog soon. And my knowledge of Aussie music from the 60s & 70s is good. I was in the UK in the early 80s and basically left the main stream behind after that, so itgets a bit patchy after that.

    Spookily, I saw that Python sketch last night on Foxtel. It was in "Live at the Hollywood Bowl".


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