Sunday, July 09, 2006

No bull - if you follow the thread

"Speed is scarcely the noblest virtue of graphic composition, but it has its curious rewards. There is a sense of getting somewhere fast, which satisfies a native American urge. " James Thurber, American Humorist 1894-1961

I would have to agree with James here, especially after today. Americans should not feel they own this urge; I discovered it when doing the home/M7/Rooty Hill run today.
This 18k run normally takes me 97 min, give or take a minute (strangely unvarying you may think).
Today, under clear blue skies with barely a breeze to gently kiss my weary brow, and with 18 degrees to warm me, I powered through in 88 minutes!
To say this mega PB brought me a modicum of satisfaction may be a deliberate understatement. I planned to go out a little harder than in previous weeks, partly because I had run well at yesterday's West Met, and partly to get to the family picnic faster.
While I don't have a GPS watch, I paced myself against time/landmarks I have come to know rather well. I seemed to be able to up the pace throughout, and so finished with a faster second 9k, probably completing this part in 43 minutes. I'm happy to average under 5min/k for a solid distance like 18k!

Exercise has been consistent again this past week:
Mon 03/07 10k work/M7 south
Tue 04/07 8k work/M7 north
Wed 05/07 rest day!
Thur 06/07 8k Clean Streets of KR
Fri 07/07 16k home/Quakers Hill/Riverstone; weights session at BLC
Sat 08/07 12k Rouse Hill (plus 2k West Met)
Sun 09/07 18k home/M7/Rooty Hill

Yesterday's 10th West Met at Rydalmere was sadly quite a poor course, although Merv, Dave and the guys did their best with the space available. Normally, the course is a flat out-and-back along the bikepath near Siverwater Bridge, going past the Naval Stores site. In keeping with Sydney's fine tradition of selling off maximum quantities of waterside land, this site is being re-developed to provide the average Sydney punter with a chance to live in a unit with close-up views of Parramatta river, probably for no more than $800k. Bargain.
For us, this meant we had to complete the 2k course within about 1k worth of path. Many twists and turns abounded; indeed, if it had been darker, I would have been hoping to have Ariadne hand me a ball of twine to find my way out of the labyrinth, and avoid the minotaur.
Still, both Son and I did well : he finished 9th in 7.38 min, and I completed the run in 8.55 min - a 4.20 min second km.
Still no sign of Bethroid.

Following today's run (and a lift from the always-uncomplaining Mrs BB), we went on a family picnic to the Sydney International Regatta Centre - Penrith Lakes. A great spot for YD to ride both bike and scooter, and for me to consider doing - at a later date - a measured 10k run there. Two laps of 5k each, bitumen bike path, and flat! Now this is a course for doing 10k PBs on...

I've had two days annual leave this past week, going to the Powerhouse Museum, and Riverstone Library to borrow another 10 books for YD. In a connected way, these two trips led me to borrow
"Sydney then and now" a photographic comparison of major landmarks now and 100 years ago. It's a bit of a break from novels, and it provides yet another interesting historical perspective on this metropolis.

Exempli gratia - especially for Bay Runners - the Iron Cove bridge is considered largely Art Deco in style, completed in 1955, replacing the original iron lattice bridge built in 1884. The wonderful Callan Park of course used to contain the Callan Park Hospital For The Insane. This complex was purchased by the NSW government in 1873 as the site for a new lunatic asylum. The group of neo-classical buildings were designed in colaboration with Dr Manning, who had the sad title of Inspector Of The Insane.

"exit, stage left"


  • At 8:43 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Hey Blues Buffet. Long time, no post.

    Re the Countdown stuff, I haven't got the DVD ... well, not yet. Are you going to the concert? We have tickets to the one here on Sept 17th - 3 rows from the front. My friends and I are thinking of making a big "Darryl U Spunk" sign :-)

  • At 2:35 pm, Blogger Johnny Dark said…

    I'm old enough to recall when the Rozelle Psychiatric Ctr was called Callan Park and was surrounded by a 4m wall.

    My mother absolutely forbade me to enter the grounds. I ignored her of course.

    I now use the public road that wends it's way through the grounds for a lot of my hill training.



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