Sunday, February 18, 2007

Almost pasta wondering

The humidity index seemed to go off the scale this week. It's strange how running in it is okay, with all the associated sweat (and toil), but when it comes time to go to work, well, turn the air right up...

I have re-established a detente of sorts with the right knee, which has permitted me to run a little more freely.

Mon, Wed, Thur 8k at 6am around the Clean Streets
Saw GoGirl on Monday at 6am. She was just finishing a 10k run. She is looking lean, mean and probably ready for the hardest race of her life. I hope she sleeps sometimes.

Fri and Sat 10k around Clean Streets
Sun 12k to Quakers Hill, then lift home courtesy of Mrs BB and YD.

Oh and two weights sessions during the week.

So improvement is there for all to see, and just in time too, as the Hills 3k/5k time trial is on Wednesday night. This time I hope to beat 14:25 min for the 3k. Additionally, I plan to run only 3k, not 3.4k like last month.

Valentine's Day brought romance and amusement. The latter is worth expanding on. Mrs BB, YD and I went to the local Thai for a meal. We had told ED and Son the day before we were so doing. ED rang up Mrs BB Wednesday lunchtime, asking the name of the local Italian. She wanted to make a last minute booking. We thought: "great, can't you find anywhere else between Bella Vista and Prospect?"
We ate Thai, keeping an eye out for her and Boyfriend since the Italian is right next door. Nope, not there on our way in or out.
Returned to the carpark, and there they were getting into her car, having just finished an adequate Italian meal.
To say they were shocked is undercalling it. His look was perhaps more aptly described as terror-stricken. I saw them first, so put on my sunglasses and asked what the hell were they doing there?
ED couldn't believe we had eaten next door. Mrs BB couldn't believe how poor her memory is, or alternatively that she didn't ever bother to listen to what we tell her. Boyfriend was just happy I didn't assault him, by the changing expression on his face.
So, everyone ended up having a chuckle and we sent them on their weary way with our best wishes, ruefully wondering about her chance of surviving life on her own without ex-Mrs BB's constant support.

Son is happy, having splashed on on a new Nokia mobile to replace the LG which crashed. He has decide to hook up with 3, so he will never miss any cricket or Rugby League. He may even emerge from his bedroom for meals.

YD is thoroughly enjoying recorder lessons and is currently about two years ahead of me in musical knowledge, having now had three lessons. Netball is only eight weeks away...

I'm going to take an extra week before trying a long cycle again, so probably won't pedal until early March. Ideally, I'd like to ride to Windsor and back when Windsor Rd is complete. And to Parramatta return following the opening of the Tway Busway. More options coming...

Finally, for those who, like me, are fed up with gross indecencies being committed against our language, generally by people who want to appear more impressive than they have a right to expect, why not glance through this website. Just put it on your "to do" list. For heavens sake don't make it an Action Item at this juncture. Hope it's a barnburner...

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 9:46 pm, Blogger Don Juan said…

    With your recent progress, a race sight of you will be striking other athletes with terror.

  • At 10:50 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    What's this 14:25 for 3k nonsense. I'm predicting 12:30. Or less.

  • At 10:41 pm, Blogger Don Juan said…

    There's nothing as sobering as reading your previous blog comments made after too many cab savs.

    I saw Carlton won this weekend, and without Brendan Fevola getting anyone in a head-lock.


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