Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not PC to our PC

This new HP computer is frustrating. Having had the old computer up to pussy's bow so much that we ditched it, we thought the new one would take us seemlessly into a new era. It's pretty good, but just occasionally it takes us back to the equivalent of the roneo-ed notes days. Messy. Still, sporadically unplugging then re-plugging the modem is a simple task. It does cop verbal abuse, though.

Running has been good to me since 15/05: 68k in 7 runs. For detail junkies:
* Wed 16/05 10k Clean Streets 6am; no 3k run Tesso - just too worn out that evening. Can't do June as I'll be in Melbourne for work. Oh well, at least The Tan will beckon me.
* Thur 17/05 9k Clean Streets 6am in heavy fog. Didn't bump into Holmes or Watson. Did run part of the way with Go Girl. She was looking strong, so I hope the Half went well.
* Fri 18/05 10k Clean Streets 2pm after work - preceded by 6am weights at the gym. Now that's bleary-eyed stuff.
* Sat 19/05 12k Bella Vista M7 to Kings Langley (while Son coached his unsuccessful U9/6 soccer team). He played a little later and won 2-1, and again on Sunday for a 3-1 win. Weights Saturday late pm.
* Sunday 20/05 8k 10am Clean Streets easy run - hey, it was Sunday and soccer beckoned.
* Mon 21/05 9k M7 south from Rooty Hill 12 noon. Good hitout at lunchtime, but no-one else within eyesight.
* Tue 22/05 10k Rouse Hill 6am
* Wed 23/05 Rest Day!

I'm going to try to get to the Blacktown 10k on Sunday. The course is familiar - I've run much of it at lunchtimes' past, so expect to do about 49 min. Let's hope I can get out of bed and to the start.

Dumbdown Spectacular 2 promises drivel. Just look at this lineup. I wouldn't waste my money seeing any of these. Seriously. I mean, I wouldn't mind listening to "Ho Ho Ho It's Magic" but I can do that on CD. I never want to hear from Sam Fox, Racy, Supernaut or M again. I could tolerate Plastic Bertrand, but shudder to think what a 50 year old Punk Belgian must look like.
I think I'd rather see Monica Trapaga selling out doing Coco Pops ads than watch her brother sing "They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me". Even if Tim Finn wrote it (great line: "I'm crackin' down on your crackin" up"). Go speak to the sky about Rick Springfield...

Isn't politics fun?
We now see Honest John playing the Underdog Card with a vengeance. I mean on steroids. The government could be annihilated at the election. What's the bad news, HJ? I have three words for you: old, tired, outdated. I'd mention Work Choices but it seems The Ministry Of Love has eliminated that from our language.

Joe Hockey has tried the old "I wasn't the Minister at the time" line (wonder what Kevin Andrews says?). Joe still manages to spin it so that it really isn't anyone's fault. Certainly not the government's. Sounds a bit like the famous Rotten Apple In The Barrel defence, too: We underestimated what would have happened if we put in place a system that may lead to people trading away penalty rates without fair compensation. So, "the people" have been trading things away, huh? I feel Joe needs to go back to school and learn more about tenses. Especially the difference between active and passive. But then this reincarnation of Lou Costello knows all out being tense...

eBay continues to work for us. Mrs BB is very excited: we were highest bidder for the Brady Bunch boxed set (all five series, in a shagpile cover). And recently we picked up Magilla Gorilla, plus Scooby Doo series 1. All region 1, so lucky we bought a multi-region player some time ago. I've bought a few running items at good prices, but Les Miserables Dream Cast 1995 DVD continues to elude my grasp. Time to commit to an eBay bidding training course...

Having worked my way through all the library books I had reserved and borrowed over the past few weks, I'm now onto one I bought: Lindsey Davis' "Saturnalia". A great read, as are each of the 18 Falco novels. Good to know that human nature hasn't changed in 2,000 years, nor has our tendency to deplore it:
O tempora, O mores! (Cicero)

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 1:54 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    You're right about Countdown 2. My 'An 1' vinyl LP from the king of the divan is my prize possesion but I can think of better things to do with my money than going along to see that lineup. Though it might be a laugh to see Rick Springfield try to sing after what looks like a lot of work to make him stay pretty.

    But hey, surely you are just teasing the lot of us about the Brady Bunch collection. It was my absolute favourite show when I was young. I always said if ever I went on Mastermind my topic would be "The Brady Bunch".

  • At 10:59 am, Blogger Mouse_and_NTR said…

    hi there - i was reading your comment and blog and think we might be ships that pass through the night so to speak!! I am on the M7 atleast 2-3 times a week, and most time NEVER pass another runner!!I am sure now I will bump into you!

    The run around riverstone is a nice one - i will be doing it again - i might take a backpack and buy some of the fresh vegies and flowers for sale on the backstreets too!!

    ebay + me + holidays = stuff i dont need arriving a few days later!! I am a sucker when on leave at home for looking stuff i never knew i needed!

  • At 6:01 pm, Blogger MB said…

    Isn't Falco great! I just finished Saturnalia too and as you say they are great reading. Have you read any of the SPQR series by John Maddox Roberts?


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