Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yes Virginia there is a Santo Clause

Honest John's attacks on St Kevin have backfired, with Labor's standing in recent polls increasing. No more amusement likely from HJ there. However, it would seem that HJ has a new, refined Ministerial Accountability standard. It would seem that you can be sacked for speaking with Brian Burke for 20 minutes, but not for holding shares in a company trading within your portfolio's sphere, which used to be seen as A Conflict Of Interest.

Not so if you forgot you had them. Santo Santoro, Minister For Ageing, did and later remembered he forgot. He then fessed up and sold them, donating the profits to a right wing lobbyist family group he chose to classify as a Charity (although the Tax Office rejects that definition).

JH defended him as an honourable man, setting things aright. It would seem that he is getting his definitions confused. Perhaps he read this and thought those using an honorific are, by definition, honourable. Still, the Santo Clause is bound to generate much entertainment for the next few days.

I mean, it's pure gold: I wait to read Hansard -
"Has the Minister For Ageing identified too closely with his portfolio? Could his memory lapses be addressed by adoption of one or more of the many valuable programmes he has championed?
Should he now simply be referred to as the Ageing Minister?"

On! On! to running...

A good effort since last update, with 4 x 8k's, 3 x 9k's and a 16k last Saturday. The right knee is holding up quite well; it graciously permitted me a trouble-free journey to Blacktown via the M7 and associated Kings Langley bike paths. Most enjoyable.

Weights sessions were also completed to the tune of two, with more reps being added, and - bonus - no sore muscles the next day.

I am keen to get back on the bike, but am wary of the knee, which now and then feels sore. I will definitely get out during April, as Easter looms, along with the completion of Windsor Rd upgrade, permitting a 35k return ride to that very pleasant village.

Next week will see Hills Athletics 3k time trial #3, so I am keen to at least replicate my previous time, if not beat it by achieving around 13:15 min. As long as Mother T doesn't put added pressure on me to hit 12 minutes or so!

Not sure if I can get to the West Mets this year, which is very frustrating, but Netball and Soccer come first. And the season draws near...

Books, books, books. I'm currently reading Ben Elton's "Chart Throb", and it's typical Elton. A little formulaic for those who have followed him from "Stark" days, but still a penetrating satire on Australian Idol et al.

For anyone who enjoyed "The Wanderers" Celtic ancient times trilogy, and his two further series, you may be interested to visit Caiseal Mor's blogspot (his original website fell victim to online Domain hijacking) to learn of his current doings, and perhaps be surprised by his recent revelations which form the basis of his upcoming autobiography.

Music? Dire Straits "Love Over Gold" is getting a workout: Private Investigation, Telegraph Road, Love Over Gold, and Industrial Disease.

The latter has one of my favourite Knopfler lines, where he goes down to Speaker's Corner to hear the soapboxers

"Two men say they're Jesus
One of them must be wrong..."

Beati possidentes

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 9:42 pm, Blogger MB said…

    The MB family has just emerged from the innards of the python. Wish it were so, really finding full time work very demanding, albeit enjoyable, working in a dealing room with a bunch of guys is hugely entertaining.
    Enjoying your very incisive commentary Blues on the polly follies, I think HJ has pretty much worn out his welcome. Joe Public is very fickle and ready for a new face.

  • At 10:52 am, Blogger PortRunr said…

    I'm sure much political blog fodder will present itself in the coming months!
    It would be interesting seeing what's changed on the roads out the Windsor since I lived at Baulkham Hills 4 years ago...hopefully a world of difference, although I'm not so sure.

  • At 2:02 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Little Johnny seems to be swimming as fast as he can but not getting anyhere near as far as he used to. Love it!

    I might have to rejoin the ranks of the True Believers. The party the local branch had following the election they couldn't win still ranks in my books as one of the best one I've ever been to.

    That 3k TT PB is a given.

  • At 9:19 am, Blogger Don Juan said…

    Brendan Fevola for PM, if he can handle his beers.

    I'm back reading 'men are from mars, women are from venus'; found myself arguing with venetians and losing the feminine touch.

  • At 9:19 pm, Blogger MB said…

    I heard Santo on the ABC actually saying that something like 180 share trades over 6 months was nothing much at all. I haven't even done that many over the past 20 years and I'm a reasonably active stockmarket investor. The arrogance of the man knows no bounds.

    BTW They do great Barbie cakes at


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