Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wild with unimagination

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” Oscar Wilde

I'm catching out regular lurking Blog readers here by posting again within a week. At least my running is more consistent than my blogging.
Couldn't get more even: last four runs = 10k each.
* Thur 24/05 10k 5:45am Stanhope; temperature 4 degrees; wore gloves for first time in 2007; managed a weights session after work.
* Fri 25/05 10k 5:45am Stanhope; temp 2 degrees; thick gloves and long coolmax pants.
* Sat 26/05 10k 9:30am Stanhope - nice and mild! Managed another weights session in the afternoon.
* Sun 27/05 10k Blacktown Fun Run 9am.

This was a really enjoyable race (more runners comments here). It was part of the Blacktown City Festival and promised a fast course and well-managed event overall. It was.
I arrived at 7:40am to register - no waiting, paid the $10 (no late entrance fee here) and strapped on the velcro wrist race tag. Back to the car to thaw. Wandered over to the start to watch the start of the 4k, and hung around to see the finishers power home. The course was about 3.4k based on finishers' expectations of time.

I met Nite_time_runner as he headed out to do the 4k (and backup for the 10k). Met new CR Distant Line 70 who did the same, and also Mango, who finished the 4k in great time. At the start of the 10k I then met NTR's partner Mouse. It's always good to finally catch up with CR's with whom you have some degree of cyber interaction over a period of time. In some ways, it's like finally meeting a familiar author. Although I doubt I'll bump into Lindsey Davis, Steven Saylor or Amy Myers while running. Still, I have managed to correspond with one of these icons via the Crime Thru Time Yahoo Discussion Group. A digression.

As we were warming up I met a work colleague with whom I hadn't spoken for some months as he works in a totally different division and location. I posted a CR request for assistance on his behalf early last year: he wanted motivation and so to join a tri group. Talk about talent. He never really trained hard but managed C2S last year in 52 min. His training is now going well: with Asics Wests, and did the Tokyo marathon in Feb - his first ever and completed in 2:58. Wow. Today he came tenth in 35 odd minutes. His Wests colleague won in 31 odd.

Well, for mortals like me, I just enjoyed the run. I knew the course through running various parts of it from work over lunchtimes past. Only one tough hill. Funnily enough, it ends about 400m from my office. I wasn't tempted to go in.
Finished in 47:37 and felt good. NTR clocked 9.92k on his Garmin, so that's a 10k for mine. The best part was that I didn't have to push myself at any time. Even a swift sprint over the last 200m on the Olympic track didn't cause distress, so I was pleased with my fitness. It bodes reasonably well for future races, such as the SMC series later in 2007. And of course provides me with the motivation to do more of the 3k time trials each month.

Since this post is a record four days after the last, there's not much extra to add, except of course hearing about the Rudd's kitchen table conversation regarding Therese's plans for her domestic business. I bet the table was nothing like John Brown's desk.

eBay continues to intrigue, with Brady Bunch still the most prized win. Tesso, here's an example of it (there are a few on sale regularly). Mmm, good isn't it?
I also picked up a couple of Headsweats coolmax running caps - not to replace the CR ones, mind you, but as support to ensure my treasured CR caps last longer...

Well, on this happy day, I thought I'd finish with a story that should bemuse and perhaps entertain - only in Sydney...

"exit, stage left"


  • At 10:10 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    Did you have to include that eBay link! I should wait a few months and buy myself the box set for my birthday. Oh, and speaking of birthdays ...


    How's that for a segue :-)

    Hope you have a great day. And night. Big plans? Maybe cuddling up with Mrs BB and catching a few BB eps?

  • At 7:40 pm, Blogger Mouse_and_NTR said…

    the ships in the night collide! nice to meet you on Sunday. I was a good day for running wasn't it?? I am def up for a M7 run with company - perhaps even a variant of the hillbilly half?? I could meet you half way or something....I'll PM you with some contact details...
    cheers - NTR

  • At 9:41 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    It takes longer to drive to Windsor, then it does to fly from Brisbane. And it was cold out there. Window screen frozen with ice Friday morning.


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