Sunday, June 10, 2007

Police don't hurt my mutt

A slightly longer break between blogging than planned. eBay has taken up a little time - defeating those nefarious competitor bidders is challenging but often rewarding. Occasionally, the item requires one to walk away with calm and dignity, saying "it's all yours #@*!"

Running has been quite consistent, with 12 runs for 116k. Hmm, that's close to 10k average again. Mixed into these have been
* four local runs 8-9k, generally in the wee hours of morn, with long tights, gloves and two layers of top. There's a calmness out there that would be peaceful if I wasn't focusing on staying warm. No dogs to annoy, hardly any walkers, definitely no runners. Those runs become enjoyable about 6k in, at 6:30am, when the sun is just starting to rise and the air seems clearer. It also gets colder then because of the evaporation and hot air rising. That's a common theory.
Whatever the reason, it's colder when Mrs BB heads out than at my 6k point...

* five M7 runs of 10k each at lunchtime. Very motivating course, even with few others out.
* 13k around my old suburb - interesting noticing the subtle changes and seeing which places were now on the market.
* today was a relaxing 12k up Windsor Rd to Vineyard, where Mrs BB and YD waited to transport us on to Richmond and shopping, plus lunch.

The cool, still conditions made a wonderful change from the shocking ones of the past three days. Things have been pretty bad for Newcastle and Central Coast residents in particular, and it's great to see the SES volunteers and others rushing to help. It's always inspiring to see how they are quick to act in these sort of emergencies.
Nine dead; five killed when their car was swept off a bridge that collapsed.
Here in Sydney, it's been nothing like that, but many have been without power. We were very lucky. Friends were spending yesterday planning a winter torch-side BBQ, as they had no electricity, and most local shops/restaurants were also powerless. Most power in the NW came back on before dinner time.

Ww bought a new DVD to watch: Countdown The Wonder Years 2. Looking forward to seeing Billy Field, having recently purchased the newly-released double CD "Bad Habits/Try Biology" (and sold the Try Biology LP on eBay afterwards).
There seem to be quite a few tracks that will be interesting to watch as the Peter Principle applied itself: those bands/artists had previously reached their peak and we see their final crack at fame - but their singles flopped. If only they had stayed with what turned out to be their penultimate single (but then who ever does?). I hope Tesso enjoys Iggy Pop. He's probably the fittest looking old druggie I've ever seen on music video.

I'm avoiding posting about Federal and State pollies for now; it's all very flat and predictable. At least Paul Keating livened things up this week. Love the "tea-leaf reading, focus group-driven " bit...

I thought I'd finish with a story that puts a whole new slant on animal cruelty. Look into my eyes - woof!

Canis timidus vehementius latrat quam mordet

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 1:53 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Speaking of fit druggies (or ex druggies) did you know James Freud is running the Gold Coast Marathon?


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