Saturday, August 04, 2007

Day Time Run with NTR

Since last post, I've managed 11 runs for 123k, averaging more than usual. Statistics can be misleading, as before today I had 10 runs for 98k.

Today I ran from home to the M7, met up with NTR around the pedestrian overbridge near Quakers Rd, ran with him on a circuit that took in Lake Woodcroft, then headed back to the M7; he turned around at the railway line, and I headed back home as before. Total: 25k, 2hr 25min. Legs very tired. Unsure how he and the others managed 42k last weekend!
Still, a great run and excellent company. NTR seems like he has fully recovered from the rigours of the marathon, and hopefully we can catch up again soon to try the run to Riverstone - a modest 18k.
He may also be interested in another M7 run with some other CR's: I'm trying to set up a run to showcase the M7 to Tesso, who will be in Sydney for some weeks, enjoying R&R. I hope to get Go Girl, NTR, Princess Odette and perhaps the new chums from KR/Stanhope along.

Some highlights of the past 13 days:
* three good 10k hitouts at lunchtime along the M7
* a 10k at lunchtime through Nurragingi and Rooty Hill
* an interesting and slightly hilly 12k run from North Rocks to Epping return last Saturday while Son's coached U9 soccer team hammered the opposition 5-0
* three runs before dawn around the Clean Streets

I should add I've mixed this with the usual twice-weekly weights sessions at BLC.

Another highlight was watching the M7 Cities Marathon last Sunday, stationed at the 24k mark, cheering on the runners with Mango and SES volunteers, then down to the Stadium for the finish. Very inspiring performances from all finishers. Eagle impressed: three marathons in two weekends including the Canberra Bush Marathon the previous day.

What's happening apart from sport?

* music
Well I've managed to pick up on eBay some CD's I've been planning to get for ages eg The Shouting Stage (Joan Armatrading), ENZSO (sort of Split Enz) and Say Yes (a rare Billy Field).
As well, I've finally got Les Miserables on DVD. That's the 10 year anniversary concert performance in London featuring Phillip Quast, not the movie. Oh, and the boxed set DVD collection of Wodehouse Playhouse, featuring John Alderton and Pauline Collins from 1975.

* books
I'm currently engrossed in Amy Myers' Murder In The Queen's Boudoir, featuring chef and reluctant detective Auguste Didier. A very witty series, although this one (published 2000) is the last one so far. Amy has moved on to other protagonists and detective genres. Marcia, I highly recommend the series!

Well you can tell a Federal Election is getting closer. Fearless John is now The Action Man. In his never-ending quest to take over everything that isn't nailed down (small hospitals, Water supply) does he realise that Labor tried something similar in 1949 and got booted out of office? They wanted the banks, and it's called Nationalisation. I always thought that was a cornerstone of Socialism, but then I went to Uni a long time ago and obviously FJ has re-defined political theory. He must be worried interest rates will rise: he's now blaming the states. Anyway, it's good to know he has the ecological future of the planet sorted. I'd be interested in trawling through the Kyoto dialogue to discover his "comprehensive and realistic" action he proposed there at the time. Oh that's right, he didn't have anything other than agreeing with George Dubbya in rejecting any commitment...

Inspired, idealistic, insipid... which word best describes FJ???

Infinitus est numerus stultorum.

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 2:12 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    That M7 run is sounding like fun!

    I must say I like the "KEVIN07" idea. I love a good slogan. In 1976 we had "Stop The Rot" stickers plastered on our folders at college.

    Catch up soon no doubt.

  • At 9:01 pm, Blogger Mouse_and_NTR said…

    hey BB - whens the next M7 run? I am planning a run next Saturday (18th) sometime. catchup somewhere on the path? (although not sure how you can fit more runs into your schedule! ) I think "Kevin for 07" is a cracker too! Hilarious!


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