Sunday, September 28, 2008

Melbourne - Run Of The Mill(s)

Cynics may believe that a Fun Run has prompted this new post. Correctimundo. I have been tempted to post partly in Italian for the benefit of a small segment of the non official-commenting readership, but decided that lethargy wins out every time. So it's Australian English. No Wucks.
Incredibly, 120k in 12 runs since last post - sometimes I think I must subconsciously plan runs around likely posting days just to keep the average at 10k.

Some decent training, and a recent return to MORNING running.
Last week saw two days in Melbourne on business, so fitted in 2 x 12k runs: the Tan, and Yarra Trail. First major CR encounter of the third kind: contact! I ran a couple of k's with CR DiJ; very pleasant company, proving it's a small world in both running and business.

Today was the St Mary's 6.2k fun run, and one I had heard good things of but had never tried. It was great Gordon. Well run, flat, friendly officials, personalised certificates, two water stations, oranges/water bottles at the finish. And only $10 on the day or $7 pre-entry. A run just like the old days. A pity they couldn't organise the weather a bit better: hot, 28 and windy. Still, I managed 29:23, so happy to average 4:45/k for this one.
I pre-registered for the St Mary's South Fun Run 26/10, week after SMC #1 10k, so it's two races in October and summer is lookin' goood!

Hoping to be able to post a comment or two about catching up with Tesso, and - separately, GCR. BTW, soon Tesso will find it that bit easier to win her category. At least I'm away from Jamie Harrison now. He seems to be running as fast as he did twenty years ago. Perhaps he has a picture of Dorian Gray on his wall.

On the cultural side, I can only say that "Sparks Of Ancient Light" is superb, and I have commenced reading Steven Saylor's latest Gordianus novel " The Triumph Of Caesar".

La Dolce Vita

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 8:56 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    I guess we could class those sorts of fun runs as retro :) I do miss them.

    Wish we could do a few km together, I love running at the GC.

    See ya soon.

  • At 8:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the thought! No wucks ☺ and happy to read in Australian English…you have been my official teacher so far anyway.

    I am amazed by your runs average, it should be inspiring but I am too lazy to run (I am just an Italian at the end of the day!)

    Comunque la parte che preferisco dei tuoi post sono le frasi in Latino, mi fanno sentire a casa.

    See ya.


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