Monday, June 09, 2008

14k? Right said Fred

Since last post, 132k in 13 runs. A bit freaky really, even with some ups and downs in the k stakes, I still average 10k/run. Unplanned too. The last few runs have brought the average up: 46k in 4. I noticed that only one of the 13 have been early in the morning (ie 6am) so I'm still managing to stay out of the unmotivating part of the year (dark, cold, wet).
Quite a few runs have involved the M7, as they've been lunchtime during the week. Additionally, I've tried Nurragingi and the Western Sydney Parklands, from Quakers Hill Parkway out to Great Western Highway.

The Long Weekend has proven to be decent for running: temperatures up a bit because of the rain, not too much of the rain while running, and some interesting courses: to Baulkham Hills, Beaumont Hills, and yesterday, Nurragingi.

Go Girl has proposed a Cool Runners West time trial; just like the monthly Bay Run 5k, only closer to here!
After some discussion on her thread, we have settled on Nurragingi, and on Sunday, Ratdog, Fred and I paced it out, mapped the course and the continued on to the WSP, completing a good 14k. Pleasant weather, and enjoyable company with runners' chat aplenty. We even spotted a black rabbit, possibly displaced from The Ponds by previously-mentioned foxy loxy.
Which was a thinly-disguised segue into the next bit: the family watched "Chicken Little" DVD this afternoon: quite enjoyable with YD thoroughly entertained.
I'm still plowing through Zamoyski's book: 460 pages down, 109 to go. Quite fascinating, but hardly light.
eBay has continued to assist our music collection, with a few B-52's CD's arriving recently. I decided to get these after buying Funplex, and realising I only had the greatest hits compilation. Scandalous! Just love Mesopotamia and Private Idaho. Oh, and Party Out Of Bounds...
I like to keep quiet about it (Tesso and Go Girl knew) but I celebrated, not too long ago, a significant birthday. While I'm getting on, at least I can jump up a category in fun runs, and draw inspiration from incidents like this.

ave atque vale

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 3:12 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Fantastic story! Wouldn't you love to have seen that.

    You must have a hell of a music collection, ever counted it all up. Do you have a filing system for it all??? And what about 'Desert Island Disks', reckon you could chose just 10?

    PS Exciting stuff about the TT.


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