Sunday, June 15, 2008

The lightly tripping - fantastic

A few decent runs with 50k in five outings since last post. Eventful too.
* Tuesday 8k The Ponds after work, in the cold
* Wednesday rest day
* Thursday 10k lunchtime Western Sydney Parklands. I managed to trip over a cunningly-concealed metal hoop in the bark, centre of Eastern Rd. Result: nasty. Jogged to Softball centre, washed and removed skin from grazed elbow and thumb. Kept running though, but I'm not obsessive. Capped off the day with root canal work.
* Friday 10k The Ponds after work
* Saturday 10k The Ponds early on, then West Met #9 at Crestwood.

Managed 19:24 for the 4k, with a huge sprint against a fast-finishing lady over the last 150m. Split of 9:40 and 9:44, so pretty pleased to go under 5 min/km for this tough course. Especially on such a cold and windy day! Mate Joe went hard and cracked a PB of around 16:30. Great stuff...

* Sunday 11k The Ponds through the not-quite-opened path to Quakers Hill (a bit rough) and return. Great option for future runs.

Next race for me isn't until early July; I'll be missing the next one as Work is throwing a family movie afternoon - Kung Fu Panda. Still, a nice family afternoon. Hope there aren't any iguanas in the movie. Have to make sure we stay away from clubs. Wouldn't want to get into a fight with staff, or there might be affidavits and inquiries everywhere.

I suppose the only other political story of interest involves Peter Beattie being ropeable at suggestions he has poor taste in women. She doesn't sound very merry.

Some lurkers have commented on the Latin quotes at the end of each blog, and feel they may be overdone. I can only reply
Latine loqui coactus sum
"Exit, stage left"


  • At 10:47 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    A Rose by any other name .... anyway, if the rumour is true (I doubt it) what about her poor taste in men


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