Monday, July 14, 2008

Tempus fugit

On reflection, it would seem true that this blog gets updated only following race news. Certainly the month-long gap coincides with absence from racing.
Interestingly, in the intervening period, I've managed 250k in 25 runs. Exactly 10k average...

West Met Saturday 12/07 was at Cowells Lane Ermington, a tough XC course that holds no fond memories for me. I last ran it in 2006 with Son, who ran it again this year, as a kind of non-soccer week training session. He managed a PB in the 2k: 8:26, down from 8:49 in 2006. Mate Joe did well in the 5k, crossing in around 20:20 although hoping for sub 20. I went around in 25:08, with a negative split (12:41, 12:27). That was one tough course. If only they were all like Haberfield - flat and bitumen bike path...

Earlier that day I helped Ratdog set up for the inaugural CR 5K Challenge - Sydney West. At Nurragingy Reserve, the course had been Garmin'd out by Ratdog and NTR, and all was ready for a 7am staggered start. Unfortunately, the Council opens the gates weekends at 7am, so we got away about 7:40am. A small group of about eight took off in BM weather, with yours truly on duty at a tricky fork in road. Freezing; 7:30 am about -3 applied temperature according to BOM website.
Still all seemed to enjoy the run, and next month promises to be bigger and better with pancakes and more attendees. I might even get a run in.

I am pleased to say that I have not had to run early mornings since last post; Mrs BB walks Max around 6:30am and it's not pleasant for her. I must be feeling my age. Fortunately I am able to run lunchtimes, alternating between M7 and WSP courses. Oh, and I managed another social 14k run from Nurragingy 05/07 with some CR's: Ratdog, NTR, Mango (for 3k), Enduro and Fred. A good group and great running conditions.

For me, it isn't about racing, it's about maintaining a consistent exercise programme which revolves around running and includes weights. In a couple of years I'd like to get back into comp squash as well. I'll probably need to do some more speedwork on the track then!

eBay has produced some bargains for us here, including the long-desired complete set of the Time Tunnel, along with F Troop, The Prisoner and Dangerman. I feel Pie In The Sky is not far away...

Interesting times in politics with a continued changing of the guard. Dolly Downer is off to Cyprus in a bold move to solve the region's problems with his mighty diplomacy. There have been many reflections on his long term as Foreign Minister, most uncomplimentary. The best is this one: Jul 07 "remembering Alex". Gold standard. I wonder how many ways there are to say "I don't remember?" One is tempted to make comments about sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Lapsus linguae or Lapsus memoriae?

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 8:20 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Nice work in the 5k.

    -3 ... brrrrr. You'll have to build a fire next time. And speaking of fires, were your ears burning this morn? I had a run with Steve, he's up here on business.


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