Saturday, September 06, 2008

Too Weak Not To Post

Blogging within a fortnight of last post perhaps indicates a new enthusiasm, or alternatively news to discuss. Or both.

112k in 11 runs, with a big 20k last Saturday. In Melbourne on business Tuesday/Wednesday - Bongiorno to a new facebook colleague - with two decent runs around the Tan. Surprisingly, the weather was better than here: Wednesday especially, with sunshine galore. Heading back to windy and wet Sydneytown was a shock.

The plan has been to move back to 6am runs, but that's conditional upon the weather improving. For example, today's 10k run was completed in wet and cold conditions: at 11am it was 11 degrees (applied temperature 7 degrees). Please don't tell me it's character-building to run in these conditions. My character is fully developed.

Next Sunday is the Orange Blossom 8k Fun Run, organised by Hills Athletics, notable Steve Whelan. It's a good off-road course, slightly different from last year. Should be quite a few CR's attending.

In only a few weeks it's off to the Gold Coast for hols, with the abbreviated family: me, Mrs BB and YD. ED is much too old OF COURSE and Son is doing HSC. We are hoping to catch up with Tesso somewhere between GC and Brissie, maybe for a run (depending on her hammy) or possibly a coffee and chatting over old Brady Bunch times.

Reading has been pretty solid recently. There's nothing quite like having library books due soon to inspire a solid burst. Currently finishing "People Of The Book" by Zachary Karabell: a fascinating history of the interactions between Islam and the West since the mid Eighth Century. Once this is complete, I'm toying with the novel idea of reading one of the eleven store-purchased books quietly awaiting my pleasure before borrowing more from the library.

In full retro mode, I have had my 4 CD Monkees compilation in the car. Some wonderful songs, so much pure pop and a reminder that many famous artists wrote hits for the Monkees: Neil Diamond, David Gates, John Stewart and of course Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart. I think I prefer Papa Nez's songs the most: mostly not singles, but superb tracks which helped him to success with the Second National Band and then solo with "Rio". His wry style always appeals.

What a day in NSW politics! We now have the leadership team of Nathan Rees (Premier) and Carmel Tebbutt (Deputy Premier). You'd be justified in asking "who is Nathan Rees". Apparently 25% polled thought he played AFL, mistaking him for Nathan Buckley. Well, his speaking style would fit in well there, talking about having a "red hot go". I wonder if he realizes he has committed his first error?
He loudly told his adoring public that he would work every waking hour between now and the next election (March 2011) to deliver what was best for NSW. Possibly he feels we are keen for him to be married, as he plans this event to occur later this year.
I hope his major goal is NOT to pass as many laws as possible. Tacitus wrote about this:
corruptisima republica plurimae leges

Good luck to Labor in WA today. I think you're out. See if I'm correct.

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 3:16 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Not sure how you can run in that weather down there at the mo. Lucky you have seen the light and are heading our way, even if it is just for a brief visit.

    Must admit the name Nathan Rees does have a sort of sporty sound.

    Catch ya in a few weeks :)

  • At 8:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes, what a week(end) in politics!!! Who the heck is Matt Brown??!!

    I got your vmail too btw - drove out of the street not long after getting yet, all of looking for you on Tallagandra Drive!

    We will catch up one day soon i am sure!

  • At 8:19 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    Mike didn't have much real competition from Peter, Davy or Micky.


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