Monday, April 28, 2008

Long In The Tooth? What a nerve!

Loyal readers will faint with shock at the speed of this follow up post.
Having enjoyed a pleasant four days (more later), it's time to document for posterity.
Thur 24/04 Rest Day!
Fri 25/04 14k along T-Way to MIL's house; weights later in day
Sat 26/04 10k along Windsor Rd Bike Path to Riverstone; weights later in day
Sun 27/04 5k SMC race
Mon 28/04 8k Clean Streets 6am!

SMC report:
A clear morning, slightly fresh and about 11 degrees greeted the larger-than-usual field. I hoped to do well, but failed.
A finish time of 24:07 wasn't bad, and a last k of 4:17 was pretty good, but somehow the time didn't match the effort. If I had been in a "guess your time" competition, I would have come last; I felt like I was on 23 min pace but I was off.
Over five races I've managed 23:32, 23:54, 24:00, 24:00 and 24:07.
Still, a decent hitout, mate Joe managing around 20:50 after feeling flat. Good effort buddy.
One more race to go, and of course plenty of West Mets on Saturdays to sharpen the sprinting skills.

Since late-ish last year I've had problems with an upper rear tooth, resulting in a number of dental visits and treatment for a cracked tooth. Well, now it's gone the next step and requires either
a. root canal, or
b. extraction
The past week has been an interesting one, from a statistical point of view. It will no doubt be useful to chart the pain progression and determine the mean average onset of pain after Nurofen consumption. Perhaps a few correlations can be drawn between that and exercise. I can certainly infer one thing: eating and drinking on one side causes agony.
Well today, part one of the required process occurred, and we have on our hands one partly dead nerve, sufficient to eliminate pain until part two commences Thursday week.
My dentist, a keen Jerry student - meaning Lewis and Seinfield - informed me that, if extraction is required, they have very modern pliers. And sedative. They apparently don't tie string (one end to your tooth and one end to a door handle) any more.

Just finished Ben Elton's "Blind Faith" which had more than a passing resemblance to an updated 1984.
A few more CD's arrived, including the rarity "The Graham Gouldman Thing" from the late 60's. Interesting to hear his own recordings of songs he wrote for others eg No Milk Today, Bus Stop, Pamela Pamela.

Anyone see M Turnbull sweating on 7:30 Report tonight? His upper lip and chin betrayed him. No wonder, when he challenged Kerry's "assertion" of 10 interest rate rises under Howard.
"Assertion"? I do believe empiricism still has a place in our world, unless of course we choose to take a kind of existentialist attitude to facts.

Off to Melbourne for work tomorrow; staying in town with full-on days and evenings, but still plan to get to The Tan for a couple of laps - and perhaps spot proud, cap-wearing CR's?

And so for additional company I will be taking Paul Doherty's "The Templar".
Cave ab homine unius libri

"Exit, Stage Left"


  • At 12:57 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Better Jerry Lewis or Seinfeld than J(G)erry Adams. Many years ago I had to choose between root canal work and an extraction. I opted for the latter as it would less painful ... on the pocket.

    Nice work in the 5k, that's still a good result. Should be happy it felt tough, that means you pushed yourself.

    BTW I saw 'Keating!' the other night. It was fantastic. Made me wish he was still in the job.

  • At 8:51 pm, Blogger 2P said…

    2P's Law of Fangs says if you smile and can't see it then have it taken out ;-)

    Nice 5k.


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