Sunday, December 06, 2009

Reverse reminiscing is better than it used to be

Hosted a wonderful reunion last weekend: by coincidence, 30 years since we got together at my 21st.

Here I am referring to the sterling Alumni from Dunmore Lang College, a residential college of Macquarie University.

After some detective work by me and another colleague, we were able to get a handful together. One friend from the Snowy region couldn't make it, although we have kept in regular touch. I'm hoping we can expand the group and make it a regular thing.

All looked well: fit, healthy and enjoying life. A few photos from now and then. Can you pick who is and was who?


  • At 8:21 pm, Blogger Andrew(ajh) said…

    Weren't the haircuts back then fabulous !

    And that white tie and waistcoat !


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