Monday, January 30, 2006

out and back and in circles

"The trouble with jogging is that, by the time you realize you're not in shape for it, it's too far to walk back. " Franklin P. Jones (1887-1929, U.S. businessman)
I think somehow Franklin must have time-travelled and gone on a long run with GoGirl

Because that's how I felt halfway into the 20k yesterday. Check out her blog for more details on the run if you wish; my summary is simply
a. she has great fitness
b. she has great stamina
c. I don't

Those that scan my blog will know I run distances up to 12k, with a rare 15k thrown in. So Sunday's 20k was a stretch. Fortunately, nothing major was planned for the rest of the day : the pool beckoned, followed by TV. Note the lack of major physical activity post-run.
Thanks again GG; I reckon I can handle another long run - but not for some weeks!

Exercise summary since last post
* a lot of running : 3 x 8k, 1 x 11k, 1 x 12k, 1 x 20k
* weights : 1 session only. Now, this is not due to slackness, more health awareness. I had a glucose-tolerance test last week (all extra AOK); sadly, the blood-taker erred, resulting in significant external bruising on my left arm, deep tissue bruising and my GP saying no weights for maybe two weeks. Goldarnit - I enjoy the gym.

Still going strong on Caiseal Mor's The Well Of Yearning (book 1 of trilogy). His style has become, in parts, very tongue-in-cheek, and therefore enjoyable.

Apart from (naturally) a Jimmy Buffett CD, I've been tuning into Bowie: the Thin White Duke has returned, in the guise of Let's Dance. I still think his early 70s CDs (Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs) are among the greatest albums ever released by anyone. But that's just me.

Normalcy raises its head this week, with schools back and cars on the road again in great numbers. For the BB household, it marks the formal start of the education journey for YD (kindergarten), and later next month Tertiary for ED.

"All my life's a circle........ the years keep rolling by" H. Chapin


  • At 3:59 pm, Blogger go girl said…

    BB,Thanks for the tip on the Lindt Cafe. I will definately be a regular if one opens up in Castle Hill.

    I was struggling to keep up with your faster pace yesterday, especially in the early stages of the run. I'm glad you slowed down a bit after we had a drink too. I was really tired last night.

    I have just received my program for my Marathon Training. Some big runs coming up! I might have to look into some alternative tracks just to keep it interesting.

    Thanks again!

  • At 10:03 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    Surely you can add Hunky Dory to that list. My personal Bowie favourite.


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