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(Note : I started this post Sun 19/02, and haven't worked out how to update the date shown as posted - help requested !) Well, it's been 2 runs on the M7 this week : one unplanned. I hope their website updates bikepath photos soon - this one is pre-opening. Still, it's at least partially indicative : bitumen, good width and not that close to cars - even a separate track (and bridges) in places.
Summary of the week so far (est. 65k for week):
* Sat 18/02 11k extended Clean Streets
* Sun 19/02 18k home to Rooty Hill via M7 (lift from support crew Mrs BB and YD, with cooling down period at Nurragingi Reserve)
* Mon 20/02 12k M7 : Rooty Hill to Light Horse interchange return ("work return")
* Tue 21/02 REST DAY
* Wed 22/02 8k Clean Streets
Today was indeed a struggle; I found it more difficult to get up and run at 6am than backing up for a 12k after the 18k. I spent much of this morning's run "musing", which can be also be interpreted as "half asleep". I was jolted out of this revery on my return leg by a cheery hello from Go Girl on the other side of the road.
One observation : summer is gracefully exiting. The mornings are darker earlier and it's not as hot, sure. The real giveaway is the flies. I think they are on tour, possibly FNQ. And not a rabbit in sight either.

Books : suffice it to say that I have made only small progress on the Michael Jecks book in the last few days; it seems that other less noble pursuits have stolen my time away. Here I refer to TV programmes. At least I could argue that hey - at least it's the ABC and SBS, so I don't yet qualify for the Hills Philistine Of The Month Award. Some great shows on or returning : Spics N Specs, Ali G in Da USA, various history shows on SBS. Haven't history docos had an extreme makeover ? With computer-generated everything and dramatic music, the events really come to life. It's somehow comforting to know that maybe Gen X, Y and Naughty might
a. find key historical events/people interesting
b. watch the shows (dare I dream : read the primary sources ???)
c. think about them
d. learn from them (I'd like to think - in a positive sense)

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

Music : well it's been very much a fusion of styles this week. Two different groups which are on the list, but not anywhere near the Golden 20. Still, very good and great to replay. Blondie's The Hunter was their last studio LP (1982) until their re-grouping for No Exit in 2000, then The Curse Of Blondie in 2003. The last two show what can happen when a nice idea is confronted by reality. A bit like The Bangles comeback Doll Revolution in 2003.
I digress. The Hunter is a wonderful album : the hit single Island Of Lost Souls, Dragonfly anticipates Star Wars 4 with it's interstellar races, War Child with that familiar powerful dance beat and strong Deb Harry voice. Other intriguing tracks include Orchid Club, For Your Eyes Only, and The Beast.
I mentioned fusion of styles. I should had said two opposites.
The other albums on the metaphorical turntable in the car have been Out Of The Blue (1977), and Discovery (1979) by ELO. Music history lesson for those unfamiliar : Jeff Lynne is a Beatles Freak. No two ways about it. I guess many remember he worked on the Beatles Anthology in 1995, and produced the two singles. He would have LOVED to have been a Beatle !
A casual perusal of his musical style suggest a certain Beatles influence, too.
By 1977, ELO were mega. They had come off the back of insane sales of A New World Record (1976) with songs like
"Tightrope" "Telephone Line" "Rockaria!" "Mission (A World Record)" "So Fine" "Livin' Thing" "Above The Clouds" "Do Ya" "Shangri-La".
A cynical view would suggest they became less creative and more bland. Certainly the cello and violin became less obvious.
But... Out Of The Blue had "Turn To Stone", Sweet Talking Woman", "Jungle" and Mr Blue Sky" so all is forgiven. Discovery gets a pass mark, but only because of "Need Her Love", "The Diary Of Horace Wimp" (how Beatles is that ??) , "Last Train To London", "Midnight Blue" and "Don't Bring Me Down" (Brrrruce)
A question has been asked : how does the artist get selected for the week ? Simple really. Vertical integration : it involves scanning up and down the shelves, and then waiting for inspiration. So maybe I haven't listened to Aqua or Abba lately because I'm short and the unit is over 6 feet high. I tend not to look at the T-Z artists after a hard run too.

Previewing upcoming runs : just over 6 weeks to the first West Met ! I have the feeling that the weekend will hold the prospect of a 15+k run, most probably early Sunday, with the Crew required to assist at the end. I'd like to try the M7 south of LH interchange. One day I'll co-opt work colleagues to assist in a run from work to the M7 - 25k. This would be my longest ever. We'll see. Teamwork.

"Exit, Stage Left"


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