Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lucky No Elmer Fudd here

...because the wascally wabbit would be in trouble for sure !
That's right, there he was again, hopping down the mean streets ahead of me the other day. Still has no concept of pacing himself. Still, most sensible rabbits have moved further west, so we should expect erratic behaviour from this one.

Exercise has been consistent since the last post:
Wed 8k
Thur 12k
Fri rest day
Sat 15k Rouse Hill bikepath
Sun 11k to Quakers Hill one way (lift from Mrs BB at end)
Mon 8k
Tue 9k
Wed 9k
Thur (today) rest day

Notice something missing ? No weights ! Yes, still in the unplanned recovery phase from deep tissue bruising after blood test. However, BLC will see me there tomorrow after work for an easy 50 min workout. I'll be starting the day with a run naturally - perhaps an invigorating 10k ?

Life at the BB household charges along, with YD now esconced at Kinder, and ED ready for Uni. I negotiated a Suzuki Swift for ED, so now tend to see her only in family photos, as she is busy completing a circuit of all her friends' houses to showcase and showoff her wheels.

Son has retired from soccer, wishing to focus instead on golf. I have convinced him to join me - for fitness' sake - in my return to West Met comp this year. Spoke to HillsAthletics today, who confirmed the first race is April 9, at the traditional Haberfield course. Nice and flat!

The Caiseal Mor trilogy draws to a close, with Well Of Many Blessings capturing much interest.

The Moody Blues have been getting much car airplay this week. Strange how these things occur. What prompted this episode was hearing Gemini Dream on Vega last weekend. I struggled for 10 seconds to identify the album, then realised it was from Long Distance Voyager 1981 - with the hit The Voice on it. Sort of a comeback album for MB, although they released Octave in 1978, some 6 years after their seminal work Seventh Sojourn...
Anyway, that has led to their first four albums getting airtime in the Holden.
In case Robert Song ( reads this, and corrects me (his musical knowledge appears flawless), I hasten to add that I count the MB as starting from Days Of Future Passed (you know, Nights In White Satin) 1967, not the original band with Denny Laine and all that Go Now stuff. Just from when Justin Hayward and John Lodge joined. Great music, great album covers.

"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." W Congreve

Exit, stage left


  • At 11:27 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    Of course I am following your blog.

    I have to bow to your infinite wisdom though on all things Moody Bluish


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