Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tag you're IT

Sort of a supplementary post - I've been tagged by GoGirl.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Working in the same industry, but for a healthcare company which today is about to be bought out internationally. Recently moved into a rented unit at Westmead with the future Mrs BB. Getting stuck into Hills District Little A's with the then-small little BBs. Running, cycling, playing squash, lifting weights. Drinking traminer riesling.

Five snacks I enjoy:
chocolate Tim Tams; peanut butter/honey on open bread; Le Snack; cheese & biscuits; bananas

Five songs I know all the words to:
As a 70s/80s music tragic, I thought I'd limit this bit to 5 of my favourite songs : Yesterday; Desperado; Rebel Rebel; Year Of The Cat; Margaritaville

Five things I’d do as a millionaire:
Well it sort of depends on how many millions. With $3m I'd quit full time employment; pay off the mortgage and invest in 3 rental properties for the young BBs; buy Mrs BB her new car now;
spend more time playing sport eg squash, tennis as well as ramping up the running/weights programme; do a post-grad degree in Egyptian and/or Roman history

Five things I like doing:
sport : running, weights, squash; reading HM novels; listening to 70s/80s music; doing stuff with my family; hanging out with Mrs BB (a subset of the last point)

Five favourite toys:
Home Theatre system; internet; car stereo; pool; mobile phone

"Exit, stage left"


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