Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ave atque vale : Crestwood #14

Thus endeth West Met 2006. A goodly crowd turned out on a fresh afternoon : sunny, but deceptively chilly. I had done my usual preparation: a 12k run just beforehand, followed by a Powerade. No food since Friday night. Son had come down with a mild cold, and aimed high once again : "to beat you, dad". I prefer he targeted someone in between our 32 year age difference.

The entire BB family attended the event!
Mrs BB, YD, even ED who at 19 obviously felt a second childhood coming on for the afternoon. Haring around the playground, zooming on YD's razor scooter, even pretending to run...
Meanwhile the 2k proved challenging for someone who forgot the two hills, and wondered why his PB was 9:02 min. A pretty even split saw a 9:22 min, whilst S unofficially clocked around 7:30 min which would be a season PB. We just have to wait for the official time, which presented problems on the day. Alan had difficulties with the printout, so we wait nervously...
A fine season, and good that S was motivated to run with me all through; next year will probably see a return to soccer, but most likely with his school. I hope he does take it up again, as he is quite gifted, just lazy. A shame when one sees others trying hard; he has immense under-utilised talent. Such a good sports brain, but a normal teenager I guess...

A few decent runs recently:
* Mon & Wed 9k along the M7 (lunchtime)
* Tue 8k KR 6am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Fri 12k along the M7
* Sat 12k/2k West Met
* Sun 14k Bella Vista to Prospect Reservoir
I can't say that today's run was great, as it involved main roads and the sporadic idiot-in-car.
Still, running a few k's within the Reservoir picnic area is brilliant. It's got the whole ambience thing nailed: massive water views, beautiful parklands, sealed quiet roads all in an historic setting. Followed up with a picnic and playground workout with the shortened version of the BB family, so overall a lovely day. Naturally finished off with a workout at the gym, and heard the Carlton/Collingwood results, so sadly not perfect. Still, with a likely loss to the Swans next Sunday, the wooden spoon and therefore first draft pick 2007 in the bag, it's looking up (how's that for spin?).

Things have gone a little quiet on the music front. The Sherbet/Skyhooks issue has faded, so peace reigns supreme. Not sure if Tesso is stirring things up in Brissie, but Sydney has avoided mass protests so far.

Mr BB's dad and his wife are touring England and Ireland for a few months, and sent us a postcard from the town used in filming "Doc Martin": Port Isaac, Cornwall.
It is a lovely village, but the best part of the postcard was his comment:
"parking was difficult, but we managed to get a spot near the harbour. Locals told us to move the car after a couple of hours, as the tide was due in."

A couple of annual leave days Mon/Tue, so a good break from the Grocery Industry, and I hope Woolworths can continue to sell masses of the products we supply them without my assistance until Wednesday. Plan: two solid runs (to take me past the August record), a gym workout, lunch with Mrs BB and of course drop off to/pick up from school for YD. AND her dancing class tomorrow. Think I'll need a break from the break...

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 11:42 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    No riots or street marches up here in Queensland. Don't you remember Joh outlawed them. Besides we are all too busy working on our "Daryl U Spunk" signs for the upcoming gig.

    Good to see you out there on the road at 6am - at least you get to enjoy the last part of the best part of the day :-)

  • At 9:51 pm, Blogger Don Juan said…

    Freo won't last long in the finals. Anything could happen after the weekend though.

    Good luck tipping for the finals. I'm tipping Daryl Hair for the next Sri Lanka v Pakistan test series, and as player of the series pocketing the $500,000 winner's cheque.


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