Sunday, October 08, 2006

Love me, love my dog

The family's recent holiday in Darwin has considerably shortened the odds of a canine member of the BB household appearing soon. I'm not sure if Lobo had a Jack Russell terrier on his lyrically-recorded journey in 1971, but this breed - or part thereof - has leapt up the doggy charts, as Mrs BB's sister has one and so naturally YD wants the same.

Apart from them both having a great break, one further benefit has emerged from the holiday: Ballina remains unchallenged by Darwin as a potential retirement location. Best described as a drinker's paradise, it offers plenty for the eye but little for the soul. Apologies to any underground Darwin culturalists reading today.

Running continues full steam ahead: 64k in the past week, including
* Monday 5k recovery jog after the 28k effort on Sunday
* Tuesday and Wednesday 10k each at 6am (plus weights Tuesday night) Clean Streets of KR
* Thursday rest day and pick up tired travellers from airport
* Friday 11k lunchtime along beloved M7 north run
* Saturday 20k home/Quakers Hill/M7/ work, with lift home from Mrs BB
* Sunday 8k recovery run Clean Streets, followed by weights at BLC

So it appears that October is on track to beat 2004's PB distance of 273k - my plan has me doing 300k this month. I'll be in Melbourne late in Oct, and hope to do a Yarra river/Tan loop of about 12k then. It's a lovely spot.

No real races of interest tempting me to fork out my hard-earned: mind you, I am a little picky. Not far from home, low entry fee, easy course, not too early in the morning. Hmm, think it's just as easy to do a training run when I want. Maybe the St Marys 8k 29/10/06 could be a starter.

Well, Weird Al's new CD is a hit with me, with some great parodies. Rather than do a review, I suggest purchasing a copy. Then see the video clip for "White and Nerdy". Spot on.

On the reading front, I have just started the first Sister Pelagia novel by Boris Akunin, he of Erast Fandorin fame. A legend in modern Russian literature (indeed, his alias B Akunin is a pun in Russian), his new series produces a gangly, highly intelligent young nun as super sleuth. The style is reminiscent of Umberto Eco, with many wry observations on late 19th century Russian society. Good so far.

It's a strange time of year for sport, with only a distant country holding much interest for now: India, venue of the Champions Trophy. Might be interesting.

"exit, stage left"


  • At 8:46 pm, Blogger Don Juan said…

    You aint nothing but a hound dog.

    I did the St Mary's 8km last year. Good fun.
    I'm a Boris Yeltsin fan in literature, he's rumoured to be writing in Darwin.

  • At 8:26 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    My first thought was a rather ironic Cat singing "I love My Dog"
    but of course it wasn't. It would be interesting to hear the Buzzcocks do a version of that song though.

    Training is going along nicely.

  • At 3:49 pm, Blogger miners said…

    wish i was even 5% as good with song lyrics as you're proving with the movie qoutes mate :)

    And what's this with Weird Al putting out another album?!? I thought he was dead - or morbidly obese - or had quietly slinked away ...

    Have to agree with the Ballina over Darwin thing. This north coast is all pretty special!

  • At 9:25 pm, Blogger MB said…

    Darwin! Let's not even go there, living there would be total & utter purgatory.


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