Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A timed runout

No wild variances have occurred in the training regime: 157k over 16 sessions since last post (and a brief apology for the absence).
Major highlights:
* 8k in pouring rain to Norwest Business Park one Sunday. My experiment proved the theory that rainjackets are waterproof but - even with hood active - let in water via driving rain at face. If only one could could temporarily weld them on.
* 7 x M7 runs, mainly lunchtime work ones, sometimes incorporating Nurragingi
* last Saturday, a 5k lap of the Sydney International Regatta Centre in 24:02 min with a detour up around the hill as the path was shut. Not bad time, especially after doing a 10k run earlier in the morning.
Of course, runs around The Clean Streets make up most of the other runs, however commenting on these would leave readers clamouring for a reviving beverage. I can report, however, that magpies are out early this year and have resumed their yearly battle with my CR cap. So far it's BB 1, birds 0.

* SMC 10k this Sunday 09/09
* 8k Orange Blossom Run the following Sunday 16/09
* 3k Roxborough Park time trial the next Wednesday 19/09
* late Sep: holidays to far North Coast!

Don McLean is experiencing a renaissance on my car CD player; I am also purchasing his DVD and looking forward to a planned new release in 2008. So many great songs and not all from American Pie.
The Blacktown Library came through with the goods and so I have three new release books on loan; I've just started :"The Third heaven Conspiracy" by Giulio Leoni. Intriguing.
Two others on the pile are by Laura Joh Rowland and David Wishart. So I guess I'll be off to late 17th century Japan and early Imperial Rome. can't wait...

Modern day politics has been just as interesting as anything Cicero and his pals could conjure up before Octavian stepped in.
The Book currently has The Election down for October 27: announced after APEC finishes, and held before the Reserve Bank has a chance to put up interest rates again in November. There is a fascinating mix of resignation, pathos, hubris and steely determination in the Governments' pronouncements. It reminds me of the early 1970's (perhaps more from when I was later studying Australian Politics than experiencing it as 13 year old).
We have Honest John begging for one last chance, Lord Alexander Of Baghdad pulling a switcheroonie, and Tony Abbott the Battlers' Friend. Meanwhile, the polls are going the wrong way. Time for the Libs to get some new pollsters. Failing that, they need to learn from Republic Rome: just create a few thousand more citizens and get them to vote for you. Let's see, where could they import these from:
Boat People? Doctors? Tradies? Unskilled workers? Hmm, probably not a lot of love sharing there. Oh well, it's JUST possible, they may have to face the fact that they may be out of power (sorry, office) for at least three years. And I'm not sure the world will stop turning if that happens...

Auget largiendo

Exit, stage left AND heavens to Murgatroyd


  • At 9:41 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    Magpies :-( I thought I'd been getting the evil eye from them lately and was wondering when they were going to strike. Little buggers.

    I'll see you out at SMC on Sunday. I'm still not sure whether I'll be lining up for the half or the 10k. And the Orange Blossom run the following weekend sounds very tempting.

  • At 2:08 pm, Blogger 2P said…

    Rain jackets just keep the sweat in ;-)

  • At 2:42 pm, Blogger Robert Song said…

    I always liked the two albums Don McLean released after Americain Pie. They were called "Don McClean" and "Playing Favourites" and I had them on cassettes but I have never seen them on CD here in Australia.


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