Sunday, March 16, 2008

SMC prompts RMC

I now realize that the monthly SMC race seems to preface my next blog. Good, because today's was a ripper.
A little cloudy, certainly not hot. A slightly smaller field all round. I aimed to complete the 5k in between 24 and 25 min, so not feeling super duper: a result of recent viral annoyances and a couple of chardies last night.
Went out a little harder today, managing 1k in 4:50, then thought a good time could happen if I didn't fall in a heap.
2k in 9:45, and turned halfway in 12:06. At that point I thought I should beat the 23:54 PB earlier in the season. Didn't get a 3k time, but got to the 4k in 19:16. I love that marker. I can always manage just one more k, and it's a gentle downhill slope. Came home fairly swiftly with 4:16 for that last k, and ended up in 23:32, a solid PB. Go me.

Training has been consistent although not motivating due to this virus which has made me feel a little blah all round. For those statistically minded, since last post I have managed 23 runs in 219k, along with 8 weights sessions and 0 sprint training. Just wasn't up to it.
Early March saw me in Melbourne, and I scooted around outside Albert Park Lake for a while then returned to the hotel via The Tan. Great spot, almost making me feel like I was healthy. Fortunately this weekend may have seen off the virus, with a decent 12k yesterday and today's effort. Plus weights twice...

Not sure if I'll get to the 3k time trial on Wednesday: if the health is truly better, then I'm in for sure. But not for the Baker's Delight delights afterwards.

eBay are currently celebrating their financial success due to our recent solid selection of purchases: quite a few AFL DVD's including the '66 and '70 GF's. Brilliant.
Some decent "replace the LP" CD's from USA, as well as some newbies and oddities eg Open Up The Gates, a collection of pre-Bread David Gates songs.

Currently reading IJ Parker's "The Hell Screen" set in 11th century Japan. Fifth in the series, although due to the eccentricity of the previous publisher, published second. I read them in order. She's pretty good at HM Japan, as is Laura Joh Rowland, although hers are set about 600 years later.

Next up is Candace Robb's "A Vigil Of Spies" featuring Owen Archer the one-eyed Welsh archer turned spy and family man. Twelfth in the series, I look foward to welcoming an old friend into the house. But hopefully only for about three days, as there are about six more books in the queue.

Mrs BB and YD are looking forward to next weekend as not only will we have the traditional Easter Egg hunt on Sunday, but it'll be one week closer to our April Dubbo holiday...

Not much left of Daylight Saving, but that's okay. It's just a matter of adjusting and enjoying the early mornings in April and May (June-Aug are another tale...).
As my friend the sundial says

Horas non numero nisi serenas

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 2:18 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Go BB!!!!

    Wow, a PB - that's fantastic! How good does that feel :) I find the shorter ones like 5k hard, it hurts all the way.

    With all your eBaying it sounds like you'll be having a great Easter.


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