Sunday, January 20, 2008

A PB without flying the flag

Some decent running this past week, along with another emerging injury.
Sat 12/01 14k M7 along Kings Langley bike path to Blacktown Pool. When I'm really keen, I can make it a 25k by returning home via the Blacktown T-Way path.
Sun 13/01 10k Clean Streets in 28 degrees and I mean hot!
Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri all 8k before work around Clean Streets or Beaumont Hills. I must say those rabbits are fit fellows - I keep spotting a few each morning, out for their constitutional.
Sat 19/01 19k T-Way to Norwest, M7 to Sunnyholt, back home.
Three weights sessions during the week.
That leads us to today: SMC #5. With colleague Joe injured but keen to support the event, I headed out early and caught up with a few CR's. In particular, Hills Aths1 managed a PB 20:13 in the 5k. The secret was not going to a concert last night.
The start was heavy as we have had a spot of rain recently. So the going was hard for the first 150m, and this slow pace mesmerised me into cruising. First k: 5:05. Slow. Picked up the pace and turned around in 12:20. Can't remember the further splits but I do know I didn't have to stop for the T-Way bus this month. Sprinted home for a 23:54 finish and a technical PB (last month official 24 flat, but I took off 15 seconds waiting for the bus. It didn't even offer to stop).
What was especially pleasing was the negative split: 11:34 for the second 5k.
Of course, now I do need to head to the physio: some form of glute problem I think. I don't enjoy pain, no matter how mild, and slowly increasing pain is telling you to open your wallet and head on down...
I can do this comfortably this week, as annual leave is here until 31/01. Maybe the beach, certainly the movies, swimming with YD, and BB's Dad is here Wednesday, with tales to tell of his intrepid stay with our relos in Melbourne, that home of tennis aficionados and passionate crowd support.
So there's every chance I'll complete some more novels: I've struck gold with my current one: "The Chatelet Apprentice" by Jean-Francois Parot. At school, I studied German and Spanish but not French, so it's the translated version pour moi. An excellent historical mystery, set in Paris 1761, before La Guillotine had commenced work...
So the Aussies finally lost a test. Good. Too much pressure, and too much hubris. BUT.
Why the furore over their celebrating the Sydney win, but nothing about India's yesterday? Maybe the Aussies should have grabbed a few flags too, and wrapped themselves in them. Oh and I guess they'll be demanding the umpires be sacked for poor performance, after two LB's were incorrectly given out in Australia's second innings (Roy and Mr Cricket).No? Oh well, maybe the Aussie's aren't bad sportsmen always!

Mens regnum bona possidet

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 9:38 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Congrats on the PB! Gotta be extra happy considering the heat.

    So what's up with Hills Aths not concerting Sat night ;-) Actually I've been wondering what he thinks about Kate M-H missing out on the final cut for the list of songs to vote for in the triplej top 100. I was not impressed!


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