Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Seconds for Christmas

Hope all lurkers and commenters had a great Christmas. Here, we hosted the family and Mrs BB did an excellent catering job, with assistance from attendees. Plenty of cheer, fine food (with the traditional ham, turkey and pork supplemented by chickpea burgers and tofu kebabs, the latter mainly for me), good company and moderate weather. YD had the sort of Christmas one expects littlies to have, with Santa arriving on time and supplying much of the requested list. Both he and the reindeer enjoyed our cookie/carrot/milk/water repast we put on; YD didn't disturb us until after 7:30am - thoughtfully reading in bed until then.

No annual leave just yet, that comes later in January, so it's back to a workplace doubling as a mausoleum. That's okay, I can do twice as much work in half the time...

Since last post, a solid 68k in 6 days, with no real bursitis problems and speed going okay.
I've managed 1 x 8k, 1 x 9k, 1 x 11k, 2 x 12k, 1 x 13k. Pretty solid stuff, and I'll add to that the 3k time trial last Wednesday at Roxborough Park, where the Hills Athletics Club put on a fine run, sausage sizzle, and Bakers' Delight delight. Not bad value for the $2 entry fee.
This year, I've managed four of these runs: Jan 14:25, Feb 13:37, Sep 13:37

and this month: 13:33!! four seconds!!!

So, a good way to finish off the year with a PB and the feeling that the injury is definitely on the train with a one way ticket, personal escort and a warning at all border points to refuse re-entry. Weights continues well, and I plan to modify my exercise regime next year: weekly sprints (4 x 1k), and no cycling - both bikes are soon to find loving new homes. We have ridden ours an average of twice a year for 10 years, so realism has set in and alternative - perhaps more difficult - exercise will occur. Still plenty of running for me, and walking for Mrs BB. I'd like to do the West Met series next year; it will depend on Son's soccer timetable.

Given this may well be the final post of 2007, based on a quick statistical analysis of frequency of posting, may I wish all a safe NYE and a wonderful 2008. May your hopes be fulfilled in a positive way.

Felix Sit Annus Novus

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 10:20 pm, Blogger Tesso said…

    Hey, well done on that 3k PB! What a way to finish 2007. As if it wasn't memorable enough already :)

    Happy New Year to you and the gang. 2008 has to be great ... it rhymes! Hopefully see you in it.


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