Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Face it, the 5k is busted

The obscure post title amuses me. Stick with it.

Did the SMC Sunday. Went for the 5k option as I felt the bursitis needed TLC and 5k wasn't a stretch (get it?). Joe M of course stuck to the 5k but had problems of his own - hamstring. Still, he managed 20:20 which was excellent, and I finished in 24 flat gun time. I'm claiming 23:47 net as I had to stop for a TWay bus - something I never really thought happened to anyone, but now there are two of us who can claim this dubious distinction.
A pleasant morning out, with mild humidity and little sun, followed by a great BBQ and chat. And home by 9am, with the day ahead!
Managed 71k in 8 runs since last post, with a solid 15k Quakers Hill workout Saturday before the SMC. Plenty of weights to create the illusion of balanced training.
The dental saga grows, with more problems, although now symetrically opposed. Turns out that I have muscle problems RHS of dental set, top. The dentist is amused, and suggests it is due to compensating for the tooth problems on the LHS: you know, eating only on the right. Seems the best treatment is not talking, eating soft food, and not laughing. Strike Three...

After prompting from Tesso, signed up to Facebook, and now wonder at all the trivial things you can do on the site. Movie quizzes, scrabulous, writing on walls, poking... what happened to talking?

Looking forward to the last Roxborough Park 3k time trial tomorrow night, followed by the end of year BBQ. Well done again Steve!

Readers in sych will know of my penchant for correct and simple language. Imagine my surprise listening to a Real Estate spokesperson yesterday on the ABC. He spoke of the need to create more dwellings to offset demand for accommodation. I shiver when people say "moving forward" (is there an option involving time travel?). I challenge writers' birth legitimacy when they convert nouns to verbs (I will not be "tasked" with any challenge).
What I find particularly infuriating is when someone uses a buzz word or phrase and, combined with the wrong context, ends up with a meaningless piece of drivel that would be seen as clever if intentional.
In this case, he said: " we need, moving forward, to task our policy team with the challenge of creating more stand-alone dwellings on the ground (my italics)".
Great, so no Jetsons in the near future. Here endeth the linguistic rant.

It's nearing Christmas, so I'm listening to The Pogues "Fairytale In New York City". A wonderful mix of schmalz, realism and Irish humour.

BTW, I still feel good when I read/hear "Prime Minister Rudd". And I think we deserve an extra celebratory drink NYE for this don't we?

absentem laedit cum ebrio qui litigat

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 10:34 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    Thanks for the excuse to have that extra drink even more on NYE. In fact being a Qld'er I reckon I am entitled to 2 extras.

    Hope you and the fam have a great Christmas ... maybe even a very Brady one :-)


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