Monday, September 17, 2007

Citrus sinensis

In a blow to the averages, I've covered 78k in 7 runs, so a 10% increase on the norm. Fairly happy too:

* Mon 13k work/WSP/M7 jaunt, taking in the new Parklands from Nurragingy to the previously-untried loop through to Quakers Hills Parkway. Found out it doesn't link to the M7, just cuts through farmlets with horsies and other interesting sights. Sadly, it even goes past a horse grave, complete with bridle on the large cross.
* Tue 8k at 6am through the Clean Streets; ducked a maggie swooping (nil all)
* Wed rest day!
* Thur 13k to Patterson Res Quakers Hill return: nice extension of the Clean Streets run, with picturesque Lemon Grove and parklands for scenery (weights 6am)
* Fri 8k 6am Clean Streets again
* Sat 18k home/M7/work with a lift from Mrs BB and YD, followed by shopping (just a lazy $1,300 outdoor setting purchase) and weights again
* Sun 8k Orange Blossom Fun Run at Castle Hill Showground. I'll keep it brief:

A beautiful day, and the benefit in hindsight was I'd forgotten how tricky the course was. As I ran it, I recalled the tough inclines and difficult footing (even the Showground Ring was slippery). Still, I managed a PB from last year: 39:35 vs 39:53. Good to see plenty of CR's there as well as other runners/colleagues.

Joe from YD's netball team did well, finishing in 34:40; work colleague Deanski managed to complete the course after Brick training Saturday in Parramatta Park, so her 48:xx was solid. A former Crestwood jogger-in-passing comrade Silvano had a huge improvement on last year, getting third overall in 31:08. Superb. Still haven't met Ratdog...

I thought Hills Club put on a great day, with good markings and marshalls - a pity the water ran out at the end! Still, congrats Steve on an excellent day and a 50% increase in numbers. Some photos courtesy of Abbey Digital (start and finish):

Oh, and this evening I did 10k Clean Streets. Felt okay but quads a little heavy.

Next up, 3k time trial at Roxborough Park Wednesday night. I've done it twice this year for 14:25 and 13:37. Right now I feel like it's going to be 14 flat, but maybe I'll get a burst of speed and get closer to 13:30. I'd like to do 13 flat but that's not going to happen until I do some more sprint training and work on my technique. Lifting my legs would help...

Looks like Happy Joe Happy aka Joe Hockey Team Member For Full Employment has decided there's plenty of good quality work for those who want it. Those who don't, well... they're "job snobs". I guess that's a step up from Dole Bludgers. Sounds good too. Nice rhyme.

"Some of it requires a little bit of pressure to be applied, for others, it just means providing greater opportunity to move to jobs." If that doesn't sound sinister, what does?

And in breaking news, The Team led by Team Leader John has made up ground in the latest poll: champers are in order as they have picked up 8%!!!

Oh yeah, they still trail by 10%, which would mean a whitewash and quite possibly Bennelong changing colours. Maybe Sub-Prime Minister Tip Costello is hoping for a tiny swing around the country and a massive reaction in Bennelong. That way, he never has to challenge. Oh if only he hadn't accused Labor of having no Ticker...

Faber quisque fortunae suae

Exit, stage left


  • At 10:38 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    I can just picture a smug smiling Costello daydreaming of exactly that.

    Well done in the Orange Blossom run. So many good reports coming out of there, its bound to be even bigger next year. Steve must be rapt.

    Good luck with the 3k.

  • At 1:43 pm, Blogger 2P said…

    Always good to beat the averages.

    Nice work and good luck with the TT.


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