Sunday, September 09, 2007


SMC beckoned irresistably and I entered the 10k race. First time at this event after much buildup via coolrunning, and it's all true. Great value for $9: level on-road course, well marshalled, drink stations (glad neither silver fox nor vat got happy snaps of me drunkenly attempting to sip sports drink), fruit and of course running bonhomie.
I ran the race with Tesso, who treated it as a light training run, backing up after a 35k session on Saturday (roll out Wayne's World quote from a couple of posts ago). Once again, great company with enjoyable conversation and running encouragement, as we did the last km in 4:33 to achieve an overall 49:37, just under plan. Hopefully we'll see more of her before her return; Mrs BB still hasn't met her and is keen to discuss all things Brady and Braithwaite. I feel a BBQ could be in the offing.

Great also to see other known CR's such as HillsAths1, Sailaway and NTR, as well as meet quite a few previously only read about: Gnome, seagull, Horrie, Superflake, Rags (hope the stomach's better), Papa Luigi, Vat, Silver Fox and of course the famous Johnny Dark. Maybe we can get you to that barbie JD?
Disappointing GoGirl wasn't there but maybe her ITB is still no good; as for my mate Joe - mate, all that sub 20min 5k work, weekly conversations at U7 netball training about SMC and I'm the one who fronted!!! Next month?

Next week is the Orange Blossom 8k Sunday at Castle Hill Showground, through Fred Caterson Reserve. A great course with a mix of paths and off-road and a few twisty hilly things. Have to do it just because HillsAths1 has put so much effort into organising it again. Last year was 39:55, so looking to better that...

Mostly quiet on the blogging front: Marcia is still holidaying in England enjoying the White Cliffs, and most of the running blogs I check out are back to my normal level of frequency: things are so slow Miners is threatening to return to Guess The Movie Quotes. 2P must have run with rags as he's struggling and Robert Song has gone quiet since his Muswellbrook trip. The Hunter does that to people.

Laura Joh Rowland has kindly placed her latest novel at my disposal (via Blacktown Library) so I am engrosed in Sano Ichiro's latest exploits. The Samurai code could be his undoing, although I doubt it - he's in her upcoming new release.

Musically, I am somewhat embarrassed - having bought Paul Kelly's new CD some weeks ago, I find I still it's still in the car unlistened to, and Tesso knows more of its contents via his recent concert...

For those who showed some concern, Max is fine and enjoying contributing to our stress levels. He feels wooden objects are placed in his path to assist in his teeth-strengthening efforts, and Schmackos are placed on top shelves of wall units to simultaneously help his leaping and eating ability. Mrs BB seems to wear increasingly forced smiles when asked about his health, while YD finds it all rather risible... (segue approaching)

One of the funniest things I read last week was Lord Downer Of Baghdad's swipe at Kevin Rudd for speaking Mandarin during his meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

And the piece de resistance:
"I did the French language course and Mr Rudd did the Chinese language course. I did mine in two months and he did his in two years, that could say something about him and me or something about the two languages. I think the former but that sounds a tad partisan."

Gold, Lord D, gold!!! I guess you must be smarter than Kevin since you did your paint-by-numbers course in two months whereas poor KR went to all that trouble of enrolling at the ANU and studying Chinese language and history. Oh, and was posted with DFAT during the 80's to Beijing. I can hear Australia's diplomatic corps collectivelly cracking up at Lord D's new clanger.

"Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects" Lester B. Pearson Canadian PM 1963-68

Exit, stage left


  • At 10:10 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    Thanks so much for the run yesterday. You were way more entertaining than my iPod :-) An how quick did the time pass!

    I'm still thinking about the Orange Blossom one next weekend, I like the idea of supporting the smaller events. And I can do more Kate Miller-Heidke talking with HillsAths1.

  • At 1:17 pm, Blogger 2P said…

    Nice SMC run BB.


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